Types of Sexual Violence and Complete Prevention Methods

Nowadays, sexual violence is becoming more and more common. It’s not just a matter of rape, but also sexual violence. For example, spreading nude photos to various social media.
In fact, every year, there are only a few women, children and men who experience sexual violence. This sexual violence can also have a bad impact on their physical and mental health. To prevent this, there are several ways you can do below:

Types of Female Sexual Violence
Sexual violence is certainly much different when compared to sexual harassment and cannot be equated with one another. Basically, sexual violence is a broader term than sexual harassment. At least sexual violence has now been grouped into 15 types of behavior that can occur. Call it such as rape, sexual intimidation, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, trafficking of women for sexual purposes. Then there are other types of sexual violence such as forced prostitution, sexual slavery, forced marriages, especially hanging divorces. Furthermore, sexual violence can occur due to forced pregnancy, forced abortion, forced contraception. One type of forced contraception that can be done is not wanting to use a condom while having sex. Then other violence that can occur such as sexual torture, inhuman punishment related to sexual nuances. There are also traditional practices that have dangerous sexual overtones. Examples include female circumcision and sexual control. Sexual control can occur because of rules related to morality and religion.

Types of Violence Against Men and Children
Then there is also violence that can happen to children and men, such as sexual violence against children. In addition, the existence of forced sexual intercourse, especially to a partner, namely a wife or husband or boyfriend. Other sexual violence can include touching or having sexual contact without any consent. While other violence is in the form of spreading photos, videos, nude pictures that show them to others without any purpose at all. If you’ve ever seen someone masturbating in public, that’s one of the violence that happened. Then peeking or watching a partner who is having sex is one of the violence that often occurs.

How to deal with it
Basically there are many ways you can do to avoid sexual violence in the surrounding environment. First, while in public space, of course you are required to always be vigilant in the various actions or conditions that you do. Because when you are in a public space, of course you will not know what will happen later. Second, don’t forget to bring self-defense equipment. For example, if you are brave, you can bring pepper spray to protect yourself. Pepper spray is one of the most powerful tools to prevent people from misbehaving with you. If you have done all that, don’t forget to put up a fight. Usually this can be done by hitting the perpetrator’s genitals. With some information about sexual violence above, it can certainly make you more confident in avoiding it. Especially for those of you who really want to avoid it, you can just try the above method. How? Hope this article can help you!