Tricks to Avoid Sexual Violence And Harassment For All People

Cases of violence to sexual harassment are now common for children and women. It’s no wonder this has also gained rapid development in recent years. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, it requires everyone to carry out various types of violence to sexual harassment at this time. In Indonesia itself, there are many kinds of violence experienced, ranging from physical to psychological violence. One way to prevent violence or sexual harassment from happening again is to start by doing the following tricks:

Find out
The first step you need to do is to know the type of violence that exists today. If you already know then you can explore how the risk you will accept. Because if you already know, then you will be easy to do what is needed.

Prioritizing Safety
Safety is the main thing you have to do in carrying out various protections. This is especially the case for protection from all forms of violence both at home and elsewhere. Of course, parents must have an important role in protecting their children from violence.

Tricks to Avoid Sexual Violence And Harassment For All People

Stay Alert
Being vigilant is important if you don’t want your child to be involved in sexual violence or abuse. Especially good environmental conditions, people around and yourself. If there was a danger of violence, of course you should know how to react you need to do.

Frequently Read Information
You need to read information about violence and sexual harassment. Both you and those closest to you must be able to give the best position to children who experience violence. So that children also have the same rights to be fulfilled.

If you start to see some signs of violence against children, you can immediately report it to someone you trust. Because if you have reported it to the authorities then you don’t have to worry about sexual harassment or violence. Violence basically does not only happen to children, but violence also often occurs to women. Because there is a lot of violence that can occur, such as physical and psychological violence. Of course, the average violence will be carried out by the closest people, such as girlfriends, parents, other family members. It can even come from relatives or friends and can eventually lead to deep trauma.

For trauma, it is different, some can heal in a short time and some can heal in a long time. One way you can do this is by not giving promises to victims who have been sexually assaulted.
Moreover, you are also not allowed to make repeated questions. Then victims who are affected by violence also need psychological support, there are many ways that can be done.
For example, you offer assistance to victims of violence and provide maximum support. Try if the victim does not want to tell the story, there is no need to be forced because if forced, the victim can be traumatized. Another example can be providing psychological support, especially for victims who want to take this to legal action. Of course, the information held by the victim must be kept super tight. This is to avoid stories that are already known to others. How? Don’t you know how to do it now?