Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India

Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India – Thousands of people become victim of fake vaccines of corona virus in India. The vaccinations were conducted by doctors and medical staff in there. Because of their actions, they were captured by police. The fake vaccines given to the thousands of people were actually salt water. As what is reported by CNN, there were at least 12 drives of fake vaccinations, and these were conducted in area of Mumbai. Vishal Thakur, senior officer of police station in India said that they use the salty water in every camp where they conduct the fake vaccination.

Projectconsent – It is estimated that around 2500 people have got the fake vaccines. The committee also demanded the applicants of vaccinations to pay. Because of that, they could get around $28,000. This is not small number. The doctors were captured and then government could know how they get all tools for vaccine injection. Even they also gave fake certificate. All could happen since the doctors had connection to the hospitals that provided fake reports and fake certificate. In total, there were 14 people captured by police. They were sentenced for cheating, trial of murder, crime conspiracy, and other sentences. Thakur also said that he and his team still conducted further investigation to prevent in case there were new problems of fake vaccination.

Actually, on June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that vaccinations were centered. These will be provided by government. The government provided the vaccines for free to the states. This was the reason why India broke a record by giving up to 8000 injection of vaccine in single day. Then until now, it is estimated that there are around 4.5% or 62 millions of people who have got vaccines. These are based on the data from University Johns Hopkins.

Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India

Related to the fake vaccine, it was predicted that the vaccinations were done starting from the end of May to the early June. It is based on the report made by CNN-News18, the one having affiliation with CNN. Government and authorized parties started to be aware of the issue of fake vaccines when there were some victims who made report to the police because they doubted the vaccination certificate that they have. From this report, government and police moved and investigated the problems. In this case, one of the vaccination camps was found in the area of public residence. There were some people who tried the vaccine but they did not feel anything. Meanwhile, they still had to pay for the vaccines. Based on the fact, they started to doubt the camp.

Related to the case, Siddarth Chandrashekhar, a lawyer in Mumbay, sent the report and asked the court to respond the case as soon as possible. Because of this, then the court of Bombay demanded all state government to take immediate action before the cases got worse. Moreover, issues of vaccinations were quite sensitive, meanwhile some people may not be able to identify whether it is fake or not. Thus, it is important for all authorities to make preventive action since there is high possibility of repeated cases in states of India.