This Is Not What Yes Looks Like

Summer 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018


Launched in the summer of 2015, the “This is Not What Yes Looks Like” campaign sought to show that what you wear or how you look doesn’t legitimize sexual assault. This campaign was launched on social media with a complimentary RedBubble sticker campaign. Each summer, the campaign is re-launched with new promotional material.

Think clothing determines consent? Beach, please.

With this campaign, we wanted out followers to know that the question “well … what were you wearing?” should never be applied when talking about sexual harassment as one’s clothing choices do not equal to their consent. We’re taking a stand against victim-blaming and letting everyone know that no matter how revealing, their clothes do not speak for them.

While our partners and materials may change each summer, our message remains the same: clothing does not determine consent.