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Please be sure to read our policy guide before proceeding to our form! If you have any immediate questions that aren't answered in the following section, please contact us immediately with your inquiries. If you are under the age of eighteen, please notify your guardian about your participation in our project. We do take anonymous submissions and consider all entries based on content. Everything is volunteered on a non-monetary basis and there will be no charge for publishing. Thank you for submitting!



At Project Consent, we believe in the power of change. We believe that despite everything, there is still room in society to change for the better. We want to create a culture, across the globe, where sexual assault is not validated on any scale. With that said, we also believe that change starts with the little things. Anyone has the power to make a difference, and speaking up is only the first step. The power of speech is so essential to any cause that we invite all of you to take part in our mission. Project Consent serves as a platform with a multitude of means to promote consent and deconstruct rape culture.


Aside from posting our own original content, we also want to showcase the thousands of ways that people are making a difference in their own community. Whether it be a social awareness video project for school, an article that you've written, or a piece of art that you created - we want you to share what you've done with us. A surefire way that you can get involved is to take a picture of yourself with the word "NO" visible somewhere and send it to us about your thoughts on sexual assault and rape culture. There is immense power in numbers and it takes extraordinary courage to use your own platform for change. 


All of our participants' information will be fully protected at Project Consent. If you wish to remain anonymous in any of your submissions, please use "Anonymous" in the form. We will not divulge your email or any personal information to anyone. The safety of our participants is extremely important to us and we will do everything in our power to ensure your privacy. Please read our disclaimer policy for more information.


Due to the number of submissions that we receive, everything is put into a queue. Depending on our current flux, we can never truly predict when your submission will be posted. Occasionally, we might contact you for a follow-up on your work. Please be patient with us, as we want to resist flooding the site with submissions. We expect original submissions to be published on our site. If we find that your work is in questionable taste or otherwise inappropriate for the message of our work, we will not post the piece. If you are submitting an essay, it will be run through our copy editor for clarification purposes.  


While we can't promise that every submission will appear in our content section, we will try our best to showcase your work. It ultimately boils down to how much material you give us. For video and art, we will require either a longer description explaining your work or request an interview to gain context on your piece(s). If you are unwilling to provide either, we can showcase your work through our social media by reposting or linking. If your writing piece is too short, we will ask for more content. For examples on how long your pieces should be, please take a glimpse at our published work.


Absolutely. If for whatever reason, that you are not obligated to share with us, you wish to remove your submission from our site, please contact us for assistance. We are not responsible for any third party sites that may have already reposted the information, but we will remove your content from our owned accounts. If we find that your material was stolen or abused, we will remove it from our site. Please guide us by linking us directly to the pieces that you wish to be taken down, social media promotion included.



If you wish to submit a video project, please email us a link to your work (via Dropbox or YouTube). Somewhere in your video, please include a tagline that specifies that it is for Project Consent and includes link to our website. We ask that you keep the time range for your video reasonable and the video quality high-res. If your video is from another event or another project, we will either ask you for a follow-up interview on your work or share it via our social media accounts.  


If you are interested in submitting photography or art, please give us a high-quality digital scanning of your work with a way to credit you as the original artist. Please include a description of your work that we can use as a caption. If it is a series of photography, please expect someone to contact you for a follow up interview on your work. We will most likely share single piece submissions via our gallery or social media accounts.


If you would like to submit your writing to us, in any form, please send the document to us via or copy and paste it into the caption option for publishing. Whether it be an article or a piece of poetry, we accept all types of writing. We ask that you proofread your work beforehand. All pieces of written work will be run through our copy editor for clarification purposes. If you are unhappy with the changes that we have made, please contact us.


If you are unsure of what category your submission falls under, please don't hesitate to contact us at for further clarification! If you are or know of any prominent figures who you feel should be a feature interviewee on Project Consent, please let us know. We would love to collaborate with you and brainstorm new ways in which we can spread our message. We are particularly interested in working with other organizations on collaborations.  


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