Sara Li


Sara founded Project Consent in the summer of 2014 as a junior in high school; she used her self-taught skills of graphic design and coding to create a safe space for survivors of sexual assault to come together in solidarity. The platform eventually bloomed into an organization that she now runs with the help of the wonderful, powerful people below. Sara describes the motivating force behind Project Consent as "[being] the voice that I needed when I was younger." In addition to Project Consent, Sara is also the Chief Creative Officer for Sara & Company, where she hosts her own podcast and newsletter. She is very proud of what Project Consent has accomplished in these short four years and hopes to continue doing humanitarian work in the years to come.

Currently, Sara is located in Kansas City, Missouri, but dreams of traveling all over. You can reach her through e-mail or contact her via Twitter, where she is probably tweeting about Taylor Swift. 


the Directors




Hailey Robertson is a sophomore at the University of Southern California studying International Relations and Global Health. When she‘s not busy working or studying, Hailey can be found at a debate tournament, hiking LA, or perfecting her guac recipe. As the Managing Director, she is excited to contribute to the growth and development of Project Consent by helping to coordinate each department. You can contact Hailey by email: or her Twitter.



Liv Montgomery is a 22-year-old Public Relations and Documentary Film student in Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. Her parents have always said that she “has to have the last word,” and she hopes that because of that she can use her voice to raise awareness for what she is passionate about and utilize film to create a real change in the world. Liv’s other passions include photography, filmmaking, rescuing animals, and drinking lots of tea. You can contact Liv at her email: or her Twitter.




Olivia Yusuf is a graduate from King's University College at Western University where she studied Criminology and Psychology during her time there. Her interests include immigration law, learning about different cultures, and popular culture. When she's not busy working or writing, she likes to spend her time traveling, and procrastinating by going on long drives. As one of Project Consent’s Content Director, she spearheads the editorial staff to ensure that original content is being published on the website. You can contact Olivia by email at or on Twitter!



Gina Le is a student at the George Washington University, where she is currently studying history on a pre-law track. Hailing from California, she’s a big fan of sunny weather, progressive immigration policies, and, of course, avocados. As one of Project Consent’s Content Directors, she forms, streamlines, and curates written content. When Gina isn’t combing through articles for comma splices, you can probably find her napping, learning languages, and finishing entire pints of Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream in one sitting. You can get in touch with her by email at or through Twitter




Kelsey Barnes is a student at McMaster University, where she is completing a degree in Communications. As the Social Director, she is excited to work with her team to develop impactful campaigns and social content to help combat rape culture. Outside of Project Consent, she is a writer and contributes to various websites. She likes to go to gigs, travel, and take photos of her lattes before she drinks them. You can reach Kelsey by email at or Twitter.



Taylor Mabelitini is a student at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As Project Consent's Design Director, she hopes to utilize her team's collective artistry and graphic design skills to create visual content and campaigns to spread awareness about rape culture and sexual violence. Outside of Project Consent, Taylor spends her time writing poetry, attempting Pinterest recipes, and daydreaming. You can contact Taylor by her email at or her Twitter.