Pros and Cons of Using Zoom Meeting

The COVID-19 pandemic is the worst moment for everyone. Because all activities that are carried out normally no longer synergize. And that means the potential for causing crowds is starting to decrease. In fact, many communities, companies and schools have experienced temporary closures. But they still get information about future plans by using the Zoom Meeting application.

Zoom Meeting is a service for holding online conference meetings. So several people can be directly connected at the same time to express opinions, aspirations, lessons and others. Even so, the use of the application has its pros and cons. Where we have summarized this thoroughly in the discussion below.

Advantages of Using Zoom Meeting

Advantages of Using Zoom Meeting
Not a few companies, schools, offices and other organizations often use the Zoom Meeting application. Because like it or not, they are obliged to do so in order to maintain a cooperative relationship in the future. And here are the advantages of using the application.

1. Align Specified Topic
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all office workers or future designers use the Zoom Meeting application. What are the benefits? That’s because they can and are able to align the topics that have been determined. An example of an online meeting is attended by a maximum of 50 people, so they will know what the agenda is from start to finish. So they don’t miss the latest information.

2. More Cost-Effective
Another advantage is that it is more cost effective. If previously they had to leave the house, of course there would be a lot of money that came out starting from transportation costs, lunch and other necessities. Because of what? Users of these applications only need to stay at home or in any place as long as they are connected to a stable and fast internet network. So that their expenses will continue to decrease during conference activities.

Disadvantages of Using Zoom Meeting
If you look at the advantages that exist in Zoom Meeting, then here we will also describe the shortcomings of the application. And let’s go straight to the following discussion.

1. Not Getting The Most Important Points
Even though all online meeting participants exceed the specified quota. But some of them barely got the most important points. This is especially true for elementary school (SD) students. The abilities they have still do not fully describe the topics discussed quickly and practically. So that the period of their reasoning is getting disturbed. And the downside, this can have a bad impact on the future of learning.

2. Lowering Work Efficiency
And the downside this time is that it reduces work efficiency. How come? Because not all work can be done online. One example of factory workers or other hard workers who take shelter in companies affected by COVID-19. They can only capture work plans when running online meetings. However, they cannot carry out their work activities properly. This is certainly very detrimental to the company. Because the income and production levels will always experience a drastic decline.

In essence, the Zoom Meeting application is a new breakthrough in social activities. However, the application is not enough to help everyone to get a better future. It is different with online gambling games. Even though it is done online, they can still earn unlimited profits.