Project Consent announces the resignation of founder, Sara Li as its Chief Executive Officer effective as of October 9th, 2018. We would like to thank Sara for her time, services, and valuable contributions that she has made since founding this organisation. She will continue to act as as a consultant and provide assistance when needed.

In her statement below, Sara takes the time to bid farewell to Project Consent:

When I started this organization in 2014, it wasn’t even an organization. I was just a kid with Wi-Fi access and a need to speak up about a violence that too many of us have suffered. I never expected Project Consent to turn into anything bigger than an art project. But I am so, so glad it did. With the help of so many, Project Consent has transformed from a lightbulb idea to a community of indisputably brave change-makers. It has brought together survivors and allies from all across the world in the united belief that we can make this world a better place.

Project Consent has also made me a stronger person than I ever thought possible. I feel whole in ways that I never thought I would from all the love this organization has received and given. I have found support and solidarity in the most unlikely of corners through Project Consent and I hope the same for everyone else who have come across this company.

I am so proud of the work that we have done in the past 4 years.

I am so proud of everyone that has ever come forward to give us your support.

It saddens me greatly to part from Project Consent now, almost 5 years later. I have always known that Project Consent is so much bigger than myself and it is my greatest accomplishment to see it transcend beyond just one person. While it marks the end of an era in my life, I trust that our work will continue through our team of incredible women.

Moving forward, starting October 9th, I will be resigning as CEO of Project Consent, but will remain active as part of its overseeing board. My colleague, long-time Project Consent PR director, and close friend, Olivia Montgomery, will take my position. I could not be more confident in her ability to lead this organization’s future. I am thankful for all this company has given me, from the people I’ve met on the way to the places we have gone.

Love always,


The executive board of Project Consent is happy to announce that current PR Director, Liv Montgomery has stepped into serve as the new CEO of Project Consent. Below is her statement on taking on this position:

When I first became a part of Project Consent it was in my bedroom, with a wooden sign that displayed the words “NO.” Sara had asked me to participate in the Tumblr based art project and I jumped at the chance to participate in something I believed so strongly in. At the time, I had no idea that Project Consent would develop into what it is now: a global organization that provides support for survivors and allies and educates others on what rape culture is. A global organization on track to become a non-profit. A global organization with a community of supporters that we listen, support and talk with.

I was approached by Sara early on to join Project Consent as it began to expand. First as a staff writer, then as a communications director, and now as director of outreach and public relations. Project Consent has taught me so much over the years, and become such a big part of who I am today. I have learned, I have laughed, I have cried, and I become a part of a community. Imagining a life without this organization, after nearly five years, is something I can’t even formulate in my head.

Sara approached me earlier this week after announcing her resignation to us on the executive board and asked me to take her place as the Chief Executive Officer of Project Consent. My long-term dream was to have worked alongside Sara in this position, and this opportunity is something I am taking on with passion, love, admiration, and respect for Project Consent and our staff. I am gracious and thankful for this opportunity to help Project Consent prosper and become everything Sara had dreamed it would.

Sara was the heart of Project Consent for so long, and I am positive that we will continue to grow even without her as our fearless leader. Sara has a lifetime of opportunities ahead of her, and we are all looking forward to seeing what she does next and so thankful for what she has given us with Project Consent. As a close friend and colleague for so many years, I am forever proud of her.

With this new chapter, there have also been some changes in our executive board. Current junior PR chair, Ciaran Quain has been promoted to be the newest Director of Public Relations and Outreach and current editorial director, Olivia Yusuf will be transitioning over as the finance director while spearheading new content ideas for our website. Our editorial department has been shut down for the time being. However, we will still be welcoming community submissions and opening up new content avenues on our website.

The executive board would like to thank Sara Li for starting this organisation. We look forward to a bright future and transitioning into this new chapter of our organisation.