We are excited to announce that Project Consent has partnered up with Unbound, the feminist sex toy store and magazine!

As major supporters of self-love and sex positivity, we love that Unbound is changing the way we think about sex and healing. Whether you’re looking for tiny cute vibrators, Venus-themed jewelry, or anything in between, Unbound has products that are curated for women and femme-identifying people.

Promoting masturbation is integral to our objectives at Project Consent because survivors, at their own pace, should feel in control of exercising their own sexuality through masturbation. Self-pleasure is essential to regaining safety and security in your own body and disconnecting the act of sex from trauma and pain. Masturbating is so important to feeling that ownership of yourself and your sexuality. Experiencing bliss and comfort in your own skin is a slap in the face to rape culture.

Unbound CEO Polly Rodriguez, who started the company as a way to combat patriarchal and oppressive views on self-love and pleasure, spoke to Dazed about why seeking self-pleasure is so important:

"I want everyone in America to own a vibrator. In the three years I’ve been doing this, I’ve realised [sic] women, generally speaking, are all looking for permission to enjoy their sexuality," said Rodriguez. "So the goal is to give everyone permission to enjoy their bodies."

While vibrator use among women is common (and is associated with positive sexual function and healthy behaviors, according to the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University), not everyone feels that female masturbation is appropriate to engage in or discuss. Pervasive sexual taboos force women to feel discomfort in their own sexuality, but Unbound is here to change that and make sure everyone has the opportunity to experience independent pleasure.

Unbound allows women to reimagine "what sexuality should look like and should feel like." Since the company aims to combat misogynistic views about sex, Unbound's product design doesn’t focus on phallic symbols that most sex toy companies prioritize. Instead, Unbound's products (for example, the Instagram-famous “Bean” vibrator) focus on allowing the user to self-pleasure without feeling sexualized. The company even offers quarterly company-curated box sets based for one-time or renewable subscription to be sent straight to your door. By taking the shame out of buying sex toys, Unbound makes shopping for self-pleasure feel comfortable and accessible.

When it comes to sex and self-care, masturbation is how you can become comfortable in your own skin and learn about what you want—I mean, what you really really want (shout-out Spice Girls).

On those rare occasions in American culture when we refer to sex as a good thing, we expect women to magically know what they're interested in sexually. However, it's impossible to understand your own sexual desires and interests until you learn about them first-hand. Masturbation and self-pleasure are great ways to figure out what you are (and what you're not) interested in. Being intimate with yourself, free from anyone else's expectations or needs, is essential to discovering you’re drives, limits, wants, and needs.

Social Media Director Kelsey Barnes talked to Femestella in January about how our new collaboration can help people take control of their own sexuality, discover what they're interested in, and feel safe:

"As an organization, Project Consent is pro-sex when it’s consensual, so when Unbound—a brand dedicated to self-love and exploring one’s body—reached out to work with us, we were ecstatic. For survivors of sexual assault, exploring their body can help them learn the type of pleasure they like and help them feel safe in their own skin again. Sex and masturbation can be a bit of a taboo topic; people can feel uncomfortable or ashamed when talking about it, but having those conversations, both with yourself and with your partner, about what you like and don’t like when it comes to sexual pleasure is important!"

Be sure to use our code CONSENT to get 20% off your purchase of Unbound sex toys and products. Whether you're looking to treat yourself for Valentine's Day or any other occasion (or, perhaps, just a regular Tuesday evening), Unbound has the toys for you. Shop now!