This month, we were slapped in the face with the sickening verdict of the Stanford Case. The entire staff at Project Consent sat in equal fury, grief, and stunned disbelief as convicted rapist Brock Allen Turner was given a "lenient" sentencing, while his victim was denied of the justice she rightfully deserved. We were here when Turner's father pleaded on his behalf, when Turner's friend blamed the assault on anything but the rapist, and when the victim, by the anonymous name of Emily Doe, penned a heart-wrenching letter.

This is our official statement of support for Emily Doe and the thousands of victims who failed by the system. This is our promise to not only cover the Stanford case detail by detail, but to push for the change that Emily Doe so rightfully deserves. To all survivors: Project Consent stands behind you. The work that we will do will be in your name and we thank you for all the courage that you have shown.

Our work is far from finished. With your help, we look forward to change the culture of sexual assault for a brighter future.