The Project Consent team is looking forward to continue our work in 2018 and many years beyond. As is tradition during the holidays, we wanted to take a look back at all that has happened in the past year. 2017 marked Project Consent’s three year anniversary as an organization working to end rape culture. Our founder, Sara Li, cites the beginning of Project Consent “as a light bulb idea formed in the bedroom of one teenage girl that wanted to make a difference.” Since 2014, we have grown from one individual to a team of eight executive members and over fifty staff members from around the world volunteering to help make a change.

Project Consent started off as an idea and has turned into a community, one that believes in survivors, and wants to create change in the world. We have become a platform working on various mediums to spread our information to all.

Some of our highlights from this year include:

  • winning a Webby in the Advertising, Media, and PR Category for Best Video Campaign. This came after our biggest campaign, #ConsentIsSimple, in collaboration with Juniper Park. #ConsentIsSimple launched in 2016 and earned international recognition, which included features from BuzzFeed and Huffington Post.

  • relaunching our yearly summer campaign, “This Is Not What Yes Looks Like,” which deconstructs the assumption that someone’s choice of clothing means that they’re “asking for it.” No one is ever asking to be sexually assaulted, and Project Consent stands behind every survivor.
  • expanding our staff immensely. In 2014, we started with one person, and today, in 2018, we have a team of eight executive members and over fifty staff members overall.

Over the past three years, we have also been fortunate enough to collaborate with some incredible organizations with the shared goal of eradicating rape culture. This year, we’ve worked with:

  • Lunette, a company that sells menstrual cups as a sustainable, comfortable, and safe alternative to traditional period products. As part of our collaboration, we wrote a blog post for Lunette explaining consent-based culture, and, during the month of March, Lunette donated 10% of its sales to us.

  • tabú edu, an organization dedicated to providing relevant, medically accurate, and comprehensive sexual education for young adults. We partnered with them in January to provide a quick 101 on what exactly consent entails. You can find our collaboration here.

  • iMaxAlarm, which is a discreet personal safety device. We teamed up with them in August of this year because we both believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and that street harassment is harassment.

  • Break the Cycle, an organization that works to promote healthy and consensual relationships in young adults. We teamed up with them in September to develop a toolkit called “Password: Consent” that provides information on what the Red Zone is and how to start conversations about it. You can find more information on Password: Consent, as well as a link to the toolkit available to download, on our website.

  • Unbound, an online adult entertainment store with a fun and inclusive approach to sex. As proponents of self-care, self-love, and self-exploration, we’re thrilled to offer a promo code for our supporters: just type in “CONSENT” at checkout for 20% your purchase. (P.S. We recommend the Babe Pack.)

  • Her Campus, an online, college woman-focused media brand that puts out content ranging from current events to beauty and style. In July, we took over their Snapchat account to answer questions about sexual harassment on college campuses.

  • Local Wolves, a monthly magazine that covers the arts, entertainment, and culture. We teamed up with Local Wolves for a six-page spread in their July issue, which we themed “To Survivors, From Survivors.” We featured our own content and your submissions, which you can access here.

  • BELIEVE ME, an online apparel company that sells empowering, consent-minded accessories. In July of this year, BELIEVE ME launched a specially made “Consent is Key” hat featuring our logo, and is donating 25% of the proceeds to Project Consent. Get yours here.

As an organization, Project Consent has achieved many milestones since 2014 - but we have a long way to go. We exist because there is still work to be done. Our team’s main goal is to raise awareness, educate the public, and support all survivors. The platform that Project Consent has been able to build over the past three years is one that we are thankful for, and we will continue to utilize and expand it for years to come. As we move forward into the new year, we would like to say thank you to our staff, whose tireless work keeps this organization going. Lastly, thank you to our supporters - it is because of you that we have a platform that we are able to spread our message and continue to do what we do.