As an organization, we will always believe survivors and each day, we strive to support survivors in any way that we can. We want to keep spreading the word and eradicate rape culture by promoting the importance of believing survivors. One of the easiest ways to get our message across is through clothing that has a cause. In collaboration with 1950 Collective, the design time at Project Consent has come up with clothing that reads 'believe survivors' to be included in their social justice collection for a limited time only. A bold statement that gets our message across in a simple way. As part of their social justice collection, 100% of the profits from each item in the collection goes to a specific charity. By purchasing an item from the PC x 1950 Collective collaboration, 100% of the proceeds from the sale will be going towards Project Consent!

1950 Collective will be accepting orders until August 15th, 2018 which means you have two more weeks to grab your new favorite piece of clothing before they're gone forever!