Just in time for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Project Consent is proud to announce our latest campaign - “Change the Conversation, Change the Culture”, a narrative film series that seeks to showcase the unheard stories of survivors.

This past year, we teamed up with survivor and actress, Abigail Breslin to film her powerful poem, “1 in 4.” Using her poem as the base, we came up with four short story ideas that are now full scripts ready to be turned into films. A story that takes place in a courtroom, a fraternity house, a men’s locker room, and one in a technological reality. They all involve conversations that are real and happen without you even realizing it. Through the use of satire, these stories focus on the language in rape culture and the effect it has on survivors and society.

There are many stories that need to be told and these films will give a voice to sexual assault survivors that have been silenced. With movements of #metoo, #timesup, and the women's march gaining more traction - we have seen a shift in society when it comes to rape culture but there is still a bigger audience that needs to be reached.Through these videos, we hope to give a voice to those who have experienced sexual violence and contribute to the conversation. It’s time to #changetheculture

We know the stories that need to be the told and we have the team ready to go but we need your help to ensure that these films are brought to life. Project Consent is looking to raise $12,500 to produce the series. We hope that you are able and willing to help us raise these funds. However, if you cannot afford to donate - please help us in sharing our campaign page. To learn more about the project or to donate, visit our Indiegogo page.