President Donald Trump is no exception to the alarming new trend of powerful men being accused of sexual assault and harassment. Today marks the one year anniversary of President Trump being sworn into office, holding the highest position one can have in the United States. Since he has been sworn in, nineteen women have bravely called out Trump for harassing and abusing them; we have listed their biographies below.

  1. Kristin Anderson
    In the early 1990s, Anderson was an aspiring model who lived in New York and encountered Trump at a crowded nightclub. At the time, Trump sat down next to her and slid his fingers up her skirt and touched her inner thigh and vagina through her underwear. She said he “did it because he could.”

    Anderson, now 46 and a photographer in Southern California, recounted the events to friends and family. She was contacted by reporters, and spent several days deciding whether or not to come public. Her decision to come forward was heavily influenced by Trump’s 2005 Access Hollywood video, which had been released during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

  2. Mariah Billado
    A former Miss Teen USA 1997 contestant accused Trump of walking in on her and five other contestants while they were changing their clothes. Trump responded, at the time, to Billado and the other women, that he had “seen it all before” and “not to worry.” In 2005, Trump bragged to the Howard Stern Show about “perks” such as this while he was the owner of the pageant. Billado is one of many pageant contestants who has accused Trump of harrassment.

  3. Lisa Boyne
    In 1996, Boyne attended a dinner party with Donald Trump and his colleagues. She alleges that Trump required all women at the party to walk in front of him to leave the table. Trump also commented if the women were wearing underwear. Originally, Boyne was not asked to walk across the table herself, because she was not a model and Trump wasn’t interested in her body - he was more interested in her opinion of who he should sleep with.

    Boyne decided to speak out earlier this year when she read an article about how Trump treats women in private from the New York Times. She gave a video interview  after hearing about the intimidation and harassment “Jane Doe” faced while filling a lawsuit against Trump.

  4. Rachel Crooks
    In 2005, Crooks encountered Trump in the Trump Tower elevator in New York City. She says he shook her hand, and would not let go and pulled her in for kisses on both the cheek and mouth. She told the New York Times she was upset “that he thought [she] was so insignificant that he could do that.” Trump denies all allegations, but seemed particularly “agitated” by this incident.

    Crooks brought her story forward before the Presidential election. She told many media outlets that she couldn’t understand how our country could forget the women that he harassed. And in December, she called him a “pathological liar” in response to his allegations of denial for the 2005 Access Hollywood video.

  5. Tasha Dixon
    In 2005, Dixon, then 18, was competing as Miss Arizona in the Miss USA Pageant, owned by Trump at the time. She, along with many others, accused Trump of walking in on them while they were changing and were forced to greet him. She says that “there was not second to put on a rope on or any sort of clothing or anything. Some girls were topless. Other girls were naked.”

    Along with Billado’s story about the pageants, she also claims he used his ownership of the pageant to be around beautiful women.

  6. Jessica Drake
    In 2006, then adult-film star Jessica Drake met Trump during a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, NV. She claims that two other women were with her, and he grabbed each of them in a hug and kissed each one of them without permission. She also reports that he later called her and asked her to accompany him to dinner. When she refused, he offered to give her $10,000 if she changed her mind.

    Trump claims that Drake’s story was orchestrated by Hillary Clinton during the election. She recently spoke out at a press conference during the January 2017 Women’s March along with three other women. She said like others she was “horrified” by the administration and “fears the consequences it will have.”  

  7. Jill Harth
    Harth and her then business partner George Houraney met Trump in 1992 during business dealings at Mar-a-lago. She claims his advances began at dinner when he tried to grope her from under the table. The advances continued into 1993 during a tour of the property when Trump cornered Harth in his daughter’s bedroom. Houraney, who was also romantically involved with Harth, believes her account.

    Harth recounted the events at Mar-a-Lago originally during a deposition in 1996 as part of a lawsuit against Trump for failing to uphold a business deal. Harth also came forward in 2016, during and after the election.

  8. Cathy Heller
    In 1997, Heller met Trump at a brunch at Mar-a-Lago as she was eating with her family. Trump was present at the brunch and introduced himself to the guests at each table. When Trump got to Heller’s table,  Trump grabbed her and kissed her forcibly, aiming for her lips. This left Heller “angry and shaken.”

    After coming forward, she told The Guardian that it was extremely difficult to share her story, but she is happy other women are stepping forward, especially after Weinstein’s allegations. She states that, “It’s not a Democrat or Republican thing. It’s men in power.”

  9. Samantha Holvey
    North Carolina’s Miss USA pageant Samantha Holvey claims that in 2006, Trump would “step in front of each girl and look you over from head to toe like we were just meat.” She related it to feeling like a “gross guy at the bar is checking you out”. Trump would do this to several contestants before the competition began. Holvey states that this behavior extinguished her desire to win the pageant because she “understood what it was really all about.”

  10. Ninni Laaksonen
    Finnish model and former Miss Finland Ninni Laaksonen states that in 2006, Trump “stood right next to me and suddenly...squeezed my butt” backstage at the Late Show with David Letterman. He did so in a way that would not be noticeable to anyone, although Laaksonen visibly flinched from Trump’s grope.

    Trump continuously denied any sexual allegation made against him, stating that all the women coming forward were lying.

  11. Jessica Leeds
    In the 1980s, Leeds was groped by Trump when she was placed next to him in a first-class cabin flight. “He was an octopus,” Leeds claims; “his hands were everywhere.” He lifted the armrest between the two of them and tried to put his hand up her skirt and grab her breasts. Once the Weinstein allegations were brought forward, Leeds was shocked that Weinstein was brought down, yet Trump “continues to be the Teflon Don.”

    Trump, visibly angry, denied the allegation. In his fury, he lashed out at one of the reporters and called him or her “a disgusting human being.”

  12. Melinda McGillivray
    In 2003, McGillivray met Trump at Mar-a-Lago for a Ray Charles concert. After the concert, several people went to meet Charles after his performance, including Trump, McGillivray, and photographer Ken Davidoff, who McGillivray was assisting. She claims that while meeting Charles, Trump groped her. Davidoff confirmed that after meeting Charles, McGillivray said to him, “Donald just grabbed my ass.”

    She later expressed her anger, “What pisses me off is that the guy is president. It’s that simple.”

  13. Cassandra Searles
    Washington state’s Miss USA pageant representative Searles met Trump in 2013. She claims Trump “treated us like cattle” at the Miss USA pageant, and would have the women “lined up so he could get a closer look at his property.” Although she never named Trump directly, she stated that the man who was responsible was running for president. Searles also claims that he later invited her to his hotel room and “continually grabbed my ass.”

    Trump continued to deny any sexual allegation made against him.

  14. Natasha Stoynoff
    In 2005, People magazine journalist Stoynoff went to Mar-a-Lago to write a story about Trump and Melania’s one-year anniversary. Before Melania arrived, Trump offered to give her a tour of the mansion. Stoynoff agreed, and Trump forced her against a wall in one of the rooms and forced “his tongue down my throat.” A butler interrupted Trump’s advances to let him know that Melania would be there shortly.

    After Stoynoff interviewed the couple, Trump tried again, claiming that they “would have an affair.” He also mentioned “an infamous tabloid cover about his purported sexual prowess.” Six other people confirmed this story.

    When Stoynoff came forward, Trump replied in a Tweet, “Why didn’t the writer of the twelve year old article in People Magazine mention the ‘incident’ in her story. Because it did not happen!” The butler who walked in on the two also denied it.

    Stoynoff replied in an op-ed, “Like many women, my life has been riddled with experiences of sexual misconduct by teachers, doctors, bosses, and more. Sadly, many women begin to feel this behavior from men is a given, and so we go on, dying a little inside each time it happens.”

  15. Bridget Sullivan
    Sullivan was New Hampshire’s representative in the Miss Teen USA pageant in 2000. She related Trump to a “creepy uncle” and stated that he would “hug you just a little low on your back.” She also claimed that Trump “would walk through the young women’s dressing rooms” even if they were changing or naked.

  16. Temple Taggart
    Taggart represented Utah in the Miss USA pageant in 1997. Trump kissed her on the lips when she was first introduced to him. She later attended a meeting at Trump Tower in Manhattan because he wanted to help her with a modeling contract. He kissed her again during the meeting. Taggart said she spent the year of his election in anger and she was “fearful of potential retaliation of the president.”

    In response, Trump first stated he “would never do that”; later he claimed he didn’t know who she was.

  17. Ivana Trump
    In 1989, the president’s first wife, during the divorce proceedings, claimed that Trump raped her. She said that the “marital relations” were very different than the previous relations throughout their marriage: “As a woman, I felt violated, as the love and tenderness, which he normally exhibited towards me, was absent.”

    Michael Cohen defended Trump, saying “Trump never raped anybody” and “a spouse cannot be raped” (he later apologized for this statement).

    Ivana later stated when Trump was running for President that she had “nothing but fondness for Donald and wish him the best of luck on his campaign...I think he would make a great president.”

  18. Karen Virginia
    In 1998, Virginia stated Trump saw her as she was waiting outside the U.S. Open tennis tournament for her ride. He commented on her body to a group of men before leaving the tournament. Inside the U.S. Open, he put his arm around her and grabbed her breast.

    In response, Jessica Ditto, Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, claimed that “voters are tired of these circuslike antics and reject these fictional stories and the clear efforts to benefit Hillary Clinton.”

  19. Summer Zervos
    In 2007, Zervos went to dinner with Trump on a business basis to talk about potential job opportunities. They were going to have dinner at the hotel he was staying at in Los Angeles. When she arrived at his hotel room, he kissed her “aggressively and placed his hand on my breast.” She pulled away only for him to grab her hand and try to lead her to the bedroom. She pulled away again and tried to leave. He continued to try and coerce her, asking her to “join him on the bed to watch television.” She refused and left.

    Trump responded by stating he “vaguely remember[ed] Ms. Zervos...In fact, Ms. Zervos continued to contact me for help, emailing my office on April 14 of this year asking that I visit her restaurant in California.”

    Zervos then filed a defamation lawsuit, accusing him of “using his immense public platform to make false factual statements to denigrate and verbally attack Ms. Zervos and other women who came forward.” This is currently being reviewed by a New York judge.

While Trump has denied every single one of the allegations against him, it is important to look at the patterns in the harrassment. Multiple women have reported similar acts of harassment happening at various times over the years. More accounts of Trump’s history are bound to come out. But, until then, we must take a hard look at the person we elected and who he has demonstrated himself to be - in both words and actions.

Co-Written With Shelby Ostrom and Sophie Ceniza