Project Consent’s latest campaign, Change the Conversation, Change the Culture is a narrative film series that seeks to provide a platform for victims whose stories have been swept under the rug. We’ve teamed up with survivor and actor Abigail Breslin, and filmed her powerful poem “1 in 4.” Using her poem as the basis, we created four other short stories scripts that are now ready to be turned into films. These stories left to be filmed shed light on the rape culture still found in our society today while also providing a voice to silence survivors. Project Consent is raising funds to support this campaign to further bring these films into fruition.


  1. You can become an active member of the movement. Have you ever wanted to get involved with a cause but didn’t know where to start? Maybe you can’t vote (if you’re not of age) or you’ve already called your representatives. Voting with your dollar is one of the easiest ways to demonstrate decisive interest and participation in change.
  2. Donating to causes make you feel better about yourself. According to an article published in Time Magazine in 2017, the secret to happiness is helping others. Altruism is something we’re hardwired to do and it makes us feel good. Harvard scientist Michael Norton has even stated that, “Giving to a cause that specifies what they’re going to do with your money leads to more happiness than giving to an umbrella cause where you’re not so sure where your money is going.” What better way to give yourself a pick me up than donating to our Indiegogo project
  3. Give a voice to those whose stories will go unheard. For most survivors of sexual assault or harassment, their stories will go unheard. The Indiegogo Project provides a space for these stories to be told, providing justice to an already oppressed community. Survivors of this abuse have endured enough, continuing to silence their stories only furthers their turmoil.
  4. A single story has the power to impact another. A huge benefit from sharing stories is inspiring others to also come forward. You never know who could be listening and how someone's life could change by your story being told. This power was witnessed during the #MeToo movement, and should be ignited, not extinguished.

  5. United we are stronger. In order to activate change, we must come together. Change only works when everyone is willing to partake. Through a small donation, you become a member to a larger community with shared interests for change.
  6. Disempower perpetrators. Taking away the power from the perpetrators only works when we support the survivors. By hearing out their stories we validate their truth and their experiences.

  7. Out of 1000, 994 walk free. According to RAINN (Rape Abuse & Incest National Network), only 6 perpetrators of sexual assault will go behind bars. This means 994 alleged criminals are allowed to live as if they never perpetrated a crime. If this number alarms you, donation to this cause helps show you care.
  8. Educate to make a safer society. With numbers like ¼ its easy to feel unsafe. Through the sharing of stories, we can spread an awareness of the danger rape culture poses on our society.

  9. Whether or not this is the cause you particularly care about, it’s a cause that has the power to impact and influence so many other movements. Movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp are evidence that speaking up has created a space for even more social justice issues’ dialogue.
  10. Provide future generations with a better future. When I think about the type of future I imagine for my own children, I hope for one where sexual harassment and assault do not have to be as normalized and commonplace. I hope for a world where a society protects and supports survivors of these acts, and actively educates its citizens about consent and how we need to respect each others bodies.

If you want to learn more about this project or would like to donate, please visit our Indiegogo page.