Impact and Prevention of Sexual Violence for the Household

Not only happens to women and men, but sexual violence can occur in the household. Domestic violence or domestic violence can be caused by various things.
Call it like violence that starts from a person’s social and economic status. Usually from various cases, many say that low social status can be one of the causes of sexual violence. How? Look in this article:

Impact of Physical and Mental Violence
Physical and mental violence can be one of the causes of domestic violence, especially married couples. There are several examples of violence that can occur such as cuts, bruises, headaches to broken bones. Even violence can occur because of a high-risk pregnancy. Examples such as high blood pressure or edema. Or some other violence such as vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, failed infection or urinary tract infection. There are so many women who experience cases of domestic violence, of course this will cause physical problems. In addition, there are other disorders such as barriers to social relations with other people and there are psychological disorders to ordinary women. One of the characteristics that you can find is that people affected by domestic violence will tend to feel anxious to depression. Usually the trigger for violence and acts of sexual harassment usually occurs because the perpetrator has a habit of getting drunk, often gambling slot online and financial problems. Not only that, the victim will feel unappreciated, worthless, hopeless, unmotivated to distrust others. Even if left alone, the victim’s condition would be much worse. There could be several allegations such as suicide, consuming alcohol and some of these prohibited objects.

Sexual Violence

Impact of Reproductive Health and Pregnancy
Not only physical and mental health, but also reproductive health and pregnancy. There are many things that cause domestic violence to occur such as miscarriage, infant death or complications during pregnancy. Violence can occur when a woman is experiencing pregnancy, for example when she gains weight. So that’s when violence became more frequent at that time, even though there was still a decline in domestic violence. Not only that, women who have babies with low weight also often occur. Because this can be one of the causes of a woman getting acts of domestic violence.

Prevention Needs to Do
In addition to some of the impacts that will be felt by the victim, of course, preventive treatment must be carried out quickly. First, you can start by practicing religious teachings. Of course all religions are basically good. What you need to do is practice the religion you have because religion is one of the best foundations today. Second, it can be done by communicating. One way that can be done to the victim is to communicate as well as possible with the family. Because by having good communication with the family, the victim does not need to feel hesitant in telling the problem. Instead, the victim will feel that family is the most appropriate place to express his feelings. Now violence does happen often but if it is handled properly. That would be easier to avoid. Especially for those of you who want to know how to handle it, just read this article. How? Interested in trying it out?