How to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Violence in Children

Sexual harassment and violence can occur because the victim is not informed about this criminal act. Apart from women, children are the most vulnerable to cases of sexual harassment and violence. Because children are still weak the perpetrators will not experience resistance when carrying out acts of abuse. Sexual harassment and violence against children is common in Indonesia and a few days ago there were cases of children who were victims of sexual abuse from their closest people. The high number of cases of child abuse is proof that it is time for parents to be more aware to prevent cases of sexual abuse in children.

How to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Violence in Children
Parents and families have a role to play in preventing various forms of sexual abuse and violence against children. Here are some ways to prevent sexual abuse and violence against children:
1. Teach children about body parts. Most parents in Indonesia are still taboo to teach their children the organs they have, especially the intimate organs. Sex education in children will be very useful to help children learn what parts of their bodies cannot be grasped. Children will also be embarrassed to show their intimate organs or body parts that should not be touched
2. Be wary of strangers. Always teach children to be careful with strangers. Give an explanation that don’t trust easily and want to go with new people, including teaching children to refuse food or drinks given by strangers.
3. Teach children what to do when they are abused. Teach your child to be defensive by running, screaming and asking for help when someone you don’t know is acting strangely. Ask your child to approach a known adult or in a crowded place to ask for help when a sexual predator is after them.
4. Always monitor all activities that children do. When playing also try to have an adult who is responsible for supervising the children. Having adults around children will prevent sexual abusers from coming to children.
5. Establish cooperation with the school. When you are unable to provide full supervision at school, make sure you are working with the teacher. Leave a message for the teacher to accompany the child when you are unable to pick up. Do not allow children to wait alone without teacher supervision.
6. Get to know the environment and children’s playmates. Because child sexual predators are everywhere, it is better for you to know the environment and your child’s playmates and make sure it is safe for your child.
7. Recognize sexual signs. Because children are not old enough to know about what is called sexual abuse and violence, it is parents who should know the signs of a child being sexually abused. By knowing early, parents can take quick action and prevent children from experiencing deeper trauma.
Parents, teachers and adults around children have a very active role in preventing cases of violence and abuse against children. The 7 things above are some of the ways that parents can do to prevent their children from becoming victims of sexual predators that are everywhere today.