England Free from Social Distancing and Masks

England Free from Social Distancing and Masks – For all people in England, it seems that they are going to become happy soon. This is because government, through the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, stated that there will not be any lockdown or other kinds of limitations as a way to prevent the spread and infection of COVID-19. He also stated that this will become final step that will be done by Government in order to loosen the strict rules related to the COVID-19. If this really happens, then it is nice since people can be more flexible and safer without using the masks, social distancing, and even lockdown and WFH or Work from Home.

It is estimated that the new policy will be given and announced on 19th July. In July 12th, it is expected that it will be the date to release the new policy, while the second date is to implement the new rules or policies released by government. In order to support the new policy, some elements in society will get early information about it and how they should response toward the changes. Related to the whole plan of policy, Prime Minister Johnson created a comprehensive plan.

Projectconsent – First, it is about masks. The rules regarding the masks will be eradicated. In this case, government also gives notes in which masks should still be used under some occasions. Moreover, having the masks or not will become personal preferences. Related to the transportation services, it is fine if they still choose to require the passengers to wear the masks. Next is about social distancing. In the previous policy or rules, there was specific numbers of people that will be permitted to have social interaction. Now, there is no limit regarding how many people who can meet. The inexistence of social distancing are applied in many occasions, starting from wedding, funeral, and kinds of meetings and events.

England Free from Social Distancing and Masks

Next, it is about transportation service. As what is mentioned above, it is fine if public transportation decided to demand the passengers to keep wearing masks. However, government also demands and encourages the service providers of transportation services to have their staff got vaccinated, especially when these are transportations that bring passengers to the border or even pass the border. Next is about the WFH. Government will remove the rules stating about the staff and businessmen that should maintain good health and happiness in the office so there will not be COVID-19. However, it still depends on the specific boss or leader of the business.

Although the government has said that there will be changes in term of rules, it is still important to have vaccinated. Vaccine becomes the main weapons to improve immunity. Currently, government started to focus on giving vaccines toward people under 40 years old. The duration is also made shorter. Previously, they need to wait for 12 weeks, but now it only requires them to wait for 8 weeks. In addition to the vaccination, government also encourages the people to perform test of COVID-19 whenever they have time or there are symptoms about it. The good news is that the test will be free until September.