Abigail Breslin's powerful poem, "1 in 4," was the base for this project. From her poem, we came up with four short story ideas that are now full scripts ready to be turned into films. Through the use of satire, this series of short films hopes to lend a voice to those that have experienced sexual assault and harassment and been swept under the rug. These stories focus on the language in rape culture and the effect it has on survivors and society.

These are stories that need to be told. These are stories that give a voice to sexual assault survivors that have been silenced all these years. These films are important because they show the world the truth about rape culture and how it has managed to keep prospering, even with the amount of people fighting against it.

However, without help we cannot bring these films to fruition. We are raising funds to support this campaign and could use any support we can get. This can be through sharing the crowd funding page, or simply donating yourself. If you are interested, please click the donation link below!