How to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Violence in Children

Sexual harassment and violence can occur because the victim is not informed about this criminal act. Apart from women, children are the most vulnerable to cases of sexual harassment and violence. Because children are still weak the perpetrators will not experience resistance when carrying out acts of abuse. Sexual harassment and violence against children is […]

6 Effective Ways to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Violence

If you look at social media, there are many cases of sexual harassment that have occurred recently. Sexual harassment is the type of crime that most often befalls women and can even lead to prolonged trauma. Types of sexual harassment also vary, not just rape. In society, there are many women who experience verbal sexual […]

Impact and Prevention of Sexual Violence for the Household

Not only happens to women and men, but sexual violence can occur in the household. Domestic violence or domestic violence can be caused by various things. Call it like violence that starts from a person’s social and economic status. Usually from various cases, many say that low social status can be one of the causes […]

Types of Sexual Violence and Complete Prevention Methods

Nowadays, sexual violence is becoming more and more common. It’s not just a matter of rape, but also sexual violence. For example, spreading nude photos to various social media. In fact, every year, there are only a few women, children and men who experience sexual violence. This sexual violence can also have a bad impact […]

Tricks to Avoid Sexual Violence And Harassment For All People

Cases of violence to sexual harassment are now common for children and women. It’s no wonder this has also gained rapid development in recent years. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, it requires everyone to carry out various types of violence to sexual harassment at this time. In Indonesia itself, there are many kinds of violence […]

Signs of a Potentially Cheating Man

Many proverbs say that playing online gambling can still be forgiven by all couples. But this does not apply if you have been playing with fire like an affair. As is known, cases of infidelity that occur always start from among men. It’s not that they take advantage of their nature as men, but because […]

Pros and Cons of Using Zoom Meeting

The COVID-19 pandemic is the worst moment for everyone. Because all activities that are carried out normally no longer synergize. And that means the potential for causing crowds is starting to decrease. In fact, many communities, companies and schools have experienced temporary closures. But they still get information about future plans by using the Zoom […]

Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India

Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India – Thousands of people become victim of fake vaccines of corona virus in India. The vaccinations were conducted by doctors and medical staff in there. Because of their actions, they were captured by police. The fake vaccines given to the thousands of people were actually […]

England Free from Social Distancing and Masks

England Free from Social Distancing and Masks – For all people in England, it seems that they are going to become happy soon. This is because government, through the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, stated that there will not be any lockdown or other kinds of limitations as a way to prevent the spread and infection […]

Anti Mainstream, Honda Will Launch GB350S Series Scrambler Style

Japan is a country that is never absent in presenting the best automotive world. There was news that they would again launch the Honda GB350S scrambler style. Indeed, the motor is the latest series of Honda SC350 RS. However, this one motorbike has appeared for the first time in India since last February. This news […]