Anti Mainstream, Honda Will Launch GB350S Series Scrambler Style

Japan is a country that is never absent in presenting the best automotive world. There was news that they would again launch the Honda GB350S scrambler style. Indeed, the motor is the latest series of Honda SC350 RS. However, this one motorbike has appeared for the first time in India since last February.
This news seems – will arouse the taste buds of Motor Gede (Moge). Because they don’t want to lose the opportunity to tour without the best and toughest iron horse. Not only that, the soccer gambling players also seemed willing to queue to be able to buy it.

New style
Honda GB350S is the best series that will be present in several countries after Japan. The scrambler-style motorcycle looks dashing on the body display. It can give a positive impression on the riders. Honda did not want to miss the uniqueness of its competitors.
The latest model this time is more towards the word “Sport”. Where before, Honda still tied strongly with a fairly modern design. But this time, the sporty and trendy look will be further developed in order to provide extra comfort when arriving on the streets.


The latest design of the Honda GB350S still does not leave the standard version. However, there are some striking changes in the seat and handlebar area. The motor will present a much more ergonomic sitting position. So the driver will look lighter when you step on the gas.
Seen on the handlebar, Honda deliberately gives a sporty style. In addition, the rear fenders and seats have also undergone changes to become very minimalist. Where previously, the stop lamp is generally integrated into the fender. But now it is also integrated with the rear end of the seat.

Engine Performance
The performance of the Honda GB350S engine will be displayed by bringing a single cylinder. Inside there is a very strong torque and air cooling engine. Later the motorbike will use a 349 cc engine capacity that is capable of producing 19.7 hp for 5,500 RPM.
Meanwhile, performance at maximum torque will reach 29 Nm per 3,000 rpm. The power for this motorbike will still use a 5-Speed ​​manual gearbox. On the one hand, the iron horse will also come with a 4 stroke, NC59E SOHC 2.

Main Specifications
The front suspension on this motorbike will come with a large diameter feel and is equipped with a protective cover. While the rear suspension still uses nitrogen gas. The rear fender will also look longer than the previous version. The weight of the motor is certainly very light because it does not use metal materials.
In the position of fuel, Honda GB350S can accommodate 15 liters. This bike has a length of 2175 mm, a width of 800 mm and a height of 1100 mm. also equipped with PGM-FI Fuel System, Compression Ratio 9.5:1 and Bore x Stroke 70.0 x 90,519 mm. on the Wheel Base, Honda will present 1440 mm. At Ground Clearance 168 mm and Kerb weight 179 kilograms. While for Seat Height 800 mm and Seat Length 640 mm.

Market price
Honda GB350S is arguably environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. Later the scrambler-style motorcycle will spend 47 km per liter. And the market price has been determined at IDR 77 million in gray and black colors. Reportedly the motor will premiere in Japan on July 15 next.