who we are


“When I started this organization in 2014, it wasn’t even an organization. I was just a kid with wi-fi access and a need to speak up about a violence that too many of us have suffered. I never expected Project Consent to turn into anything bigger than an art project. But, I am so, so glad it did.”

– Sara Li, founder


what we do


At Project Consent, our main initiative is to dismantle rape culture. We hope for a day where an organization such as does not need to exist anymore. Our team works tirelessly everyday to educate on consent, to dismantle rape culture, and most importantly, to support survivors. Some of our work includes:

  • Creating multi-media campaigns with messages that attack different components of sexual assault, some in partnership with organizations that have the same goal as us to provide us with opportunities to reach out to all demographics.

  • Utilizing social media to offer survivors a way to connect with us on a deeper level.

  • Providing resources for anybody that reaches out to make a difference in their own community, including sex ed curriculums that emphasizes the importance of consensual sex.

  • Our ability to reach people on a global level could not have been possible with the community of supporters and staff that we have. Project Consent is certainly not a one man show, and we are always eager for people to join our movement and support us in any way possible. Whether it be as a staff member or simply voicing your support in any form, fight with Project Consent today!


our impact

five years


In 2014, Project Consent consisted of one individual who believed that she could make a difference. Since then, her idea has grown from the one member solo team from Kansas, USA to an organization that consists of 30 incredible like-minded individuals who work on social, outreach, and community projects to spread our message worldwide. Project Consent started off as an idea and through hard work and your support, we have become an established organization but we still have a long way to go in the fight to end sexual assault.


41,000+ followers


As a social based organization, Project Consent has dedicated our platforms to uplifting survivors and providing allies with the resources and mindset to change the culture around sexual assault. By offering a safe space for survivors to come together, we are uniting people from around the world and inspiring them to change the world. Our team works daily to create content while engaging with our followers in an authentic, positive way. We are extremely proud of the community that we have fostered.


countless campaigns + collaborations


We've been lucky enough to have worked with a vast amount of incredible organizations, companies, and public figures. During our early years, we worked with Former VP Joe Biden's It's On Us program by collaborating on multiple social media campaigns. Our most successful collaborative campaign, Consent is Simple, is a video based campaign created by Juniper Park/TWBA that went on to receive a Webby award. We thank all of our partners for their hard work in sharing our message.