6 Effective Ways to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Violence

If you look at social media, there are many cases of sexual harassment that have occurred recently. Sexual harassment is the type of crime that most often befalls women and can even lead to prolonged trauma. Types of sexual harassment also vary, not just rape. In society, there are many women who experience verbal sexual violence which sadly happens because people are never aware of the types of verbal violence such as cat calls. Women are the ones who are often the victims and who are often blamed if there are cases of sexual violence that occur under the pretext of wearing impolite clothes.
As a woman, starting from yourself to prevent cases of sexual violence is the most important thing to do. We must start from ourselves to others so that we can prevent being victims of sexual harassment cases. Here are some ways to prevent sexual harassment from yourself:

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1. Watching is something that needs to be done. to be able to protect ourselves from sexual harassment that can occur at any time, pay close attention to your environment. Not to think badly but to be wary of people acting suspiciously. To be safer, bring a weapon such as pepper spray to anticipate unexpected “attacks”.
2. Never be afraid to speak up and be firm with the perpetrator. Sexual harassment often occurs because the perpetrator considers the victim weak and unable to fight back. Show a firm attitude if you find any suspicious behavior. When you dare to refuse and ask for help loudly, the perpetrator will not take further action.
3. Always be careful with new people we meet. Instead of being bad or disrespectful, you should always be careful and wary of new people, especially those who are too familiar. Avoid accepting food or drink from strangers and don’t share too much personal information with people you just met.
4. Equip yourself with self-defense skills. You don’t have to be good at self-defense because all you need is to be able to treat yourself and nowadays, there are many special places for self-defense for women to take care of themselves.
5. Always be alert in public places and never go alone, especially at night. Women do not have a place that is completely safe from the risk of sexual harassment and violence and that’s why you have to be vigilant everywhere, especially when in public places. Do not go out at night alone, there are always some friends especially male friends because there are many cases of sexual violence that occurs at night when women travel alone.
6. Learn what constitutes sexual harassment. You need to know a lot about sexual harassment and violence so that you can understand the behavior of the perpetrator and be more alert. Sexual violence and harassment is not only in the form of rape. there are more than 10 types of acts of sexual harassment and violence that women should know.
Prevention can be done from yourself because at any time sexual harassment and violence can occur. You only need the 5 ways above or at least have self-defense skills to prevent disrespectful treatment. Being aware of where you are is the main key to avoiding cases of sexual harassment. Bring a variety of equipment such as pepper spray or chili as a weapon of protection can be done.