1 IN 4:

Change the conversation, change the culture

April, 2018


change the culture

We teamed up with survivor and actress, Abigail Breslin to film her powerful poem, “1 in 4.” Our PR Director, Liv Mongtomery acted as a producer for the poem. When asked about the poem, Breslin stated that she wrote the poem because she wanted to lend her voice to those that have been through what she has. Did you know that according to the NCADV, 1 in 4 women have been victims of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime? This daunting statistic and Abigail’s story inspired us to start the campaign, “Change the Conversation, Change the Culture.”


Through this campaign, we came up with four short story ideas that are now full scripts ready to potentially be turned into a narrative film series in the future. A story that takes place in a courtroom, a fraternity house, a men’s locker room, and one in a technological reality. They all involve conversations that are real and happen without you even realizing it. Through the use of satire, these stories focus on the language in rape culture and the effect it has on survivors and society.

We hope to one day have a chance to film these videos to give a voice to those who have experienced sexual violence and contribute to the conversation. It’s time to #changetheculture