Project Consent is a resource page for survivors of sexual assault and advocates who are fighting for a brighter future. Welcome to our movement.


About Project Consent:

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Project Consent is an organization established in 2014 to raise awareness about sexual assault and advocate for survivors of sexual violence. It was founded by Sara Li and reached out 3 million people globally with in-house campaigns, partner collaborations, and extensive social media reach. Project Consent is credited for starting the conversation about consent and rape culture prior to the #MeToo movement and has worked hard to ensure a better future for all.

In 2019, Project Consent disbanded as an active organization, but continues to act as a resource page for allies and survivors alike. Project Consent is, at heart, a network of people who believe there will come a day where no one ever has to feel violated again. They thank you for your support and ongoing fight for justice in today’s world.

A very special thank you to: 

Sara Li, Liv Montgomery, Michelle Zhang, Hailey Robertson, Olivia Yusuf, Taylor Mabelitini, Ciaran Quain, Marianna Nascimento, Gina Le, Ally Lowitz, Mackenzie Cakebread, Carolina Mahedy, Grace Wickerson, Caela Harp, Natalia Vasquez, Rachael Davies, Sophie Ceniza, Rachel Futterman, Hannah Domonkas, Sophia Davirro, Preeti Singh, Lily Osborn, Miranda Martin, Nicole Swartz, Kennedy Stevens, Skyler Steinhart, Bree Dunn, Catrin Trudgill, Maddy Rambeau, Rachel Williams, Haleema Kamal, Kelsey Krempasky, Lucy Nadzharyan, Mckenzie Schwark, Abby Kalen, Aubrey Schuring, Zoe Waters, Jana Walker, Kelsee Evans, Elizabeth Talbert, Mike Reynolds, Ryan Kogut, and many, many more.

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