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Project Consent began in 2014 as a simple Instagram page that showcased participants with the word “NO” written on them to symbolize the end of sexual assault. Since then, we have become one of the leading voices in the fight against sexual assault. We are a group of young adults looking to make a difference in the world by offering a platform to survivors & allies alike. In the past five years, Project Consent has amassed a serious following and produced a multitude of multimedia campaigns aimed at supporting survivors while simultaneously changing the culture for a brighter and safer future.


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When I first became a part of Project Consent it was in my bedroom, with a wooden sign that displayed the word, "NO." …At the time, I had no idea that Project Consent would develop into what it is now: a global organization that provides support for survivors and allies and educates others on what rape culture is.

liv montgomery, executive director


our mission


education on consent


Through our multimedia campaigns and middle school curriculum, we hope to educate people around the world about consent and rape culture. We use unconventional tactics on social media  that combine current trends and pop culture to create an approachable atmosphere where people can ask questions and learn more. Education is the key to starting conversations that serve as a the catalyst to ending the toxic culture that surrounds sexual assault survivors.


survivor support


We started as a platform for survivors to come together, have conversations, and find support through allies. This has not, and will not, change. Before anything else, we are a safe space. Whether it is through talking with one of our staff, sending in submissions, asking questions, or simply finding solace in the words and art we share, survivors have a place here. They are free to use Project Consent in whatever way provides them the most support, and that is what keeps us going.


take action


By partnering with our community of survivors and allies, the small difference we could make to end sexual assault and raise awareness about consent through our campaigns and everyday endeavors is a thousand times magnified. In empowering those affected by sexual violence to share their experiences through art, writing, and other forms of creativity, we take action. Individually we may only make small impacts, but together we can win the fight against rape culture.