founder and executive director

Sara Li is a twenty-year-old sophomore at the University of Kansas, where she is majoring in Journalism and Creative Writing. She started Project Consent when she was in high school and has been expanding its work since then. In her spare time, Sara also contributes to MTV, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, and more. She's a huge advocate of using her voice for positive change and inspiring others to live their best self. As director of Project Consent, Sara oversees all operations to ensure that our mission continues being spread all over the world. You can contact her at her email: or reach her on Twitter!


managing director

Michelle Zhang is a third-year student at the University of Texas at Austin studying English, Business Honors, and Plan II. Her passions include graphic design, copy editing, YA literature, and the expansive world of cinema. Having joined Project Consent in its baby phases, she's proud to watch its growth and development over the years — and can't wait to see where it goes next. When she's not working, she enjoys drinking copious amounts of bubble tea and stalking Ezra Koenig on social media. You can contact Michelle at her email: or her Twitter.


social media director

Mackenzie Cakebread is twenty-year old student at the University of Toronto, where she studies Socio-Cultural Anthropology. After joining Project Consent in 2015, she has taken on the role of Social Director, with dedication to using social media as a tool for social change. In her spare time, Mackenzie practices classical ballet and attempts to turn her dogs into Instagram sensations. She hopes to continue to work in the field of justice by pursuing law school. She hopes to use her position with Project Consent to constantly remind people of their value: priceless. You can contact her at her email: or Twitter.


CONTENT director

Olivia Yusuf is a twenty-two-year-old Western University graduate where she studied Criminology and Psychology. Her interests include immigration law, learning about different cultures, and popular culture. She hopes to pursue a career in the communications and public relations field. When she's not busy working or writing, she likes to spend her time traveling, and procrastinating by going on long drives. As Project Consent’s Editorial Director, she spearheads the editorial staff to ensure that original content is being published on the website. You can contact Olivia by email at or on Twitter!


communications director

Liv Montgomery is a twenty-two year old Public Relations and Advertising student in Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. Her parents have always said that she “has to have the last word,” and she hopes that because of that she can use her voice to raise awareness for what she is passionate about and help create a real change in the world. Liv’s other passions include photography, the world of movie making, rescuing animals, and drinking lots of tea. You can contact Liv at her email: or her Twitter.

CASEY Gamble

finance director

Casey is a senior studying Finance and Marketing at the University of Kansas School of Business. She loves travel, Smash Mouth, and every dog she's ever seen. As Finance and Merchandising director, she oversees all merchandise sales and budget needs for Project Consent. You can contact Casey at her email: