In June of 2014, Project Consent began as a simple statement to support survivors of sexual assault. As more and more people started to follow the movement, Project Consent established itself as an advocate of a future in which rape culture no longer exists to belittle survivors and liken assault to a joke. For the year that Project Consent has been up and running, we have expanded to a flourishing platform with a global outreach to promote consent in every community. By providing an supportive platform for survivors and listeners alike, we aim to dismantle the harmful motion that sexual assault should ever be accepted and affirm that consent should never be assumed or owed.

Through the collective voices of activists all over the world, Project Consent has banded together to provide a safe space where we can all rewrite a better narrative for generations to come. Join in our movement today!


At Project Consent, we define rape culture as the global epidemic in which sexual assault is trivialized or belittled. As comedian Gaby Dunn said it best, "[Rape culture] is a collection of micro-aggressions that lead up to the normalization of sexual assault." Examples of rape culture can be seen in popular culture, in which rape is often sexualized or written off in entertainment. They can also be found in ingrained values, such as "She was asking for it!" and "Men can't be raped." At Project Consent, we believe that it's the small things that are the most pervasive and that allow sexual assault to bypass without any serious repercussions. Rather than accepting this way of thinking, we advocate a better future in which sexual assault is condemned without a second thought.


Building a consent culture is the first step, but a vital one. By promoting consent, we are reminding society that violations of someone's agency should never be taken lightly. Rather than continuing to teach that the blame is on victims, we want it known that consent is always an established right, not a removable luxury. Creating a consent-based culture is the groundwork to battling sexual assault as a whole and while we don't expect it to eradicate sexual assault altogether, we believe that it's a message worth putting out there. 


Anyone can make a difference by simply listening and speaking out. We don't believe that change takes place with the actions of a single person. As the saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child." In this instance, we want that child to live in a nurturing environment without the threat of rape culture. Our work can only be successful if we can inspire others to take up the call as well. For all intents and purposes, Project Consent alone cannot end rape culture. But with the help of our followers, it's a reachable goal made more tangible with every voice that joins in. 





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Much like a doctor must diagnose a disease before treating it, the first step in combating sexual assault is raising awareness to the public and promoting an understanding that there is a grievous issue with the way sexual assault is treated in society. The conversation about sexual assault is one that must occur in order for change to take place within all society.

To deconstruct the negative status quo of sexual assault’s blasé treatment, we aim to educate the public on important topics and opening the doors for conversations about rape culture. We intend to oppose toxic ways of thinking by promoting ideas of consent as a necessity, not a luxury or a trivial matter. Education is vital to a better groundwork.

In order for change to occur, action must be taken towards the damaging constructs set in place. Here, we work to promote all of our followers to take a stand against sexual assault by refusing to allow rape culture to continue. As we can only inspire others to join in, it takes a collective effort to truly defeat rape culture once and for all.