If you are looking to have a long-term, established position at Project Consent, you've come to the right place! We are constantly seeking driven contributors to keep our campaign thriving and none of this is possible without the dedication of our motivated staff. That being said, we encourage anyone who is interested in making a difference to consider employment with Project Consent. You don't need prior experience (although it is recommended!) in term of activism work. All we are seeking from our applicants is commitment, communication, and creativity. 



  1. We're always looking to add qualified members to our staff team! A few of the main duties of being a staff member include availability: we're expecting 3-5 hours a week, so think of this like that internship you've been angling after. We're also very committed to our cause here at Project Consent,  and we ask that you mirror that same passion in your application and work. We are only able to thrive due to the tireless work of our staff so we definitely expect a continued interest in our cause.
  2. We're not the type of organization to hold your hand through each and every assignment: we're looking for people who feel comfortable taking initiative and being leaders within their own community as well as on the team. Creativity and innovation is a huge key to our success and we want everyone to feel comfortable enough on our team. While all of us regularly check in with each other on ideas and progress, we want people who can take a lead of their own without the constant nagging on our part.
  3. Additionally, organization is very important to us, as is communication. As a member of head staff, you'd be working remotely, so communication and adherence to deadlines is incredibly important. We have a very simple rule regarding organization at Project Consent: you are responsible for your own work schedule. We're not here to treat you like children and as a result, we fully expect you to do what works best for you regarding your work availability. Just keep us updated and keep contributing to our work, and it'll be swell!
  4. We're looking for kind people -- we have zero tolerance for any sort of harassment or bullying here at Project Consent, and we're also looking for dedicated people to stay on with our staff for the long run. We cannot stress the importance of respect within our community. In order to work for Project Consent, we ask that you be mature, compassionate, and polite when dealing with sensitive work. Furthermore, please be willing to interact with your fellow co-workers! We want this to be a friendly and supportive environment for everyone involved.
  5. Lastly, for all positions, flexibility is a must! We have representatives from all over the globe, ensuring that someone will always be awake to bounce ideas off of. We understand that you have other commitments in your life but we expect you to be able to contribute regularly to our work. If an emergency arises, we completely understand that that takes precedence over your assignment, but just communicate with us and we can definitely work something out. 



If you wish to be a regular writer for Project Consent, please be willing to write for us on a regular basis! Our usual expediency is roughly three article every month, with the understanding that you know how to proofread and edit your work. Our writers have the full opportunity to select their own assignments and pursue that accordingly. We do ask that our staff writers be followers of current events in order to pen articles on any ongoing, relevant news to our work. Prior experience is not required, although we do ask for a sample of your work!  


We are constantly seeking graphic designers to create original work for Project Consent! In order to be eligible for a graphic designer position, we ask that you be familiar with either (preferably both) Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Creativity and articulation is a huge key in our own design and you will be working on a range of projects needing visual contribution. We understand that all designers have their own skill and we want to allow our staff members to express themselves with the work that they do for us. Please send in examples of your previous work in our application!


For anyone unsure if they want to/ are able to work with us in the long run, we invite you to intern with us for a season or so! Our interns are highly motivated and dedicated individuals who will be assigned tasks in all areas of our organization. From running social media to writing an occasional piece, we expect our interns to jump in with an open mind. If you have completed your internship and are interested in working with us long term, you will be able to join our team in any work area that you would like. Any letters of recommendation will be considered on an individual basis.