6 Effective Ways to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Violence

If you look at social media, there are many cases of sexual harassment that have occurred recently. Sexual harassment is the type of crime that most often befalls women and can even lead to prolonged trauma. Types of sexual harassment also vary, not just rape. In society, there are many women who experience verbal sexual violence which sadly happens because people are never aware of the types of verbal violence such as cat calls. Women are the ones who are often the victims and who are often blamed if there are cases of sexual violence that occur under the pretext of wearing impolite clothes.
As a woman, starting from yourself to prevent cases of sexual violence is the most important thing to do. We must start from ourselves to others so that we can prevent being victims of sexual harassment cases. Here are some ways to prevent sexual harassment from yourself:

6 Cara Efektif Pencegahan Pelechan Dan Kekerasan Seksual

1. Watching is something that needs to be done. to be able to protect ourselves from sexual harassment that can occur at any time, pay close attention to your environment. Not to think badly but to be wary of people acting suspiciously. To be safer, bring a weapon such as pepper spray to anticipate unexpected “attacks”.
2. Never be afraid to speak up and be firm with the perpetrator. Sexual harassment often occurs because the perpetrator considers the victim weak and unable to fight back. Show a firm attitude if you find any suspicious behavior. When you dare to refuse and ask for help loudly, the perpetrator will not take further action.
3. Always be careful with new people we meet. Instead of being bad or disrespectful, you should always be careful and wary of new people, especially those who are too familiar. Avoid accepting food or drink from strangers and don’t share too much personal information with people you just met.
4. Equip yourself with self-defense skills. You don’t have to be good at self-defense because all you need is to be able to treat yourself and nowadays, there are many special places for self-defense for women to take care of themselves.
5. Always be alert in public places and never go alone, especially at night. Women do not have a place that is completely safe from the risk of sexual harassment and violence and that’s why you have to be vigilant everywhere, especially when in public places. Do not go out at night alone, there are always some friends especially male friends because there are many cases of sexual violence that occurs at night when women travel alone.
6. Learn what constitutes sexual harassment. You need to know a lot about sexual harassment and violence so that you can understand the behavior of the perpetrator and be more alert. Sexual violence and harassment is not only in the form of rape. there are more than 10 types of acts of sexual harassment and violence that women should know.
Prevention can be done from yourself because at any time sexual harassment and violence can occur. You only need the 5 ways above or at least have self-defense skills to prevent disrespectful treatment. Being aware of where you are is the main key to avoiding cases of sexual harassment. Bring a variety of equipment such as pepper spray or chili as a weapon of protection can be done.


Impact and Prevention of Sexual Violence for the Household

Not only happens to women and men, but sexual violence can occur in the household. Domestic violence or domestic violence can be caused by various things.
Call it like violence that starts from a person’s social and economic status. Usually from various cases, many say that low social status can be one of the causes of sexual violence. How? Look in this article:

Impact of Physical and Mental Violence
Physical and mental violence can be one of the causes of domestic violence, especially married couples. There are several examples of violence that can occur such as cuts, bruises, headaches to broken bones. Even violence can occur because of a high-risk pregnancy. Examples such as high blood pressure or edema. Or some other violence such as vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, failed infection or urinary tract infection. There are so many women who experience cases of domestic violence, of course this will cause physical problems. In addition, there are other disorders such as barriers to social relations with other people and there are psychological disorders to ordinary women. One of the characteristics that you can find is that people affected by domestic violence will tend to feel anxious to depression. Usually the trigger for violence and acts of sexual harassment usually occurs because the perpetrator has a habit of getting drunk, often gambling slot online and financial problems. Not only that, the victim will feel unappreciated, worthless, hopeless, unmotivated to distrust others. Even if left alone, the victim’s condition would be much worse. There could be several allegations such as suicide, consuming alcohol and some of these prohibited objects.

Sexual Violence

Impact of Reproductive Health and Pregnancy
Not only physical and mental health, but also reproductive health and pregnancy. There are many things that cause domestic violence to occur such as miscarriage, infant death or complications during pregnancy. Violence can occur when a woman is experiencing pregnancy, for example when she gains weight. So that’s when violence became more frequent at that time, even though there was still a decline in domestic violence. Not only that, women who have babies with low weight also often occur. Because this can be one of the causes of a woman getting acts of domestic violence.

Prevention Needs to Do
In addition to some of the impacts that will be felt by the victim, of course, preventive treatment must be carried out quickly. First, you can start by practicing religious teachings. Of course all religions are basically good. What you need to do is practice the religion you have because religion is one of the best foundations today. Second, it can be done by communicating. One way that can be done to the victim is to communicate as well as possible with the family. Because by having good communication with the family, the victim does not need to feel hesitant in telling the problem. Instead, the victim will feel that family is the most appropriate place to express his feelings. Now violence does happen often but if it is handled properly. That would be easier to avoid. Especially for those of you who want to know how to handle it, just read this article. How? Interested in trying it out?


Types of Sexual Violence and Complete Prevention Methods

Nowadays, sexual violence is becoming more and more common. It’s not just a matter of rape, but also sexual violence. For example, spreading nude photos to various social media.
In fact, every year, there are only a few women, children and men who experience sexual violence. This sexual violence can also have a bad impact on their physical and mental health. To prevent this, there are several ways you can do below:

Types of Female Sexual Violence
Sexual violence is certainly much different when compared to sexual harassment and cannot be equated with one another. Basically, sexual violence is a broader term than sexual harassment. At least sexual violence has now been grouped into 15 types of behavior that can occur. Call it such as rape, sexual intimidation, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, trafficking of women for sexual purposes. Then there are other types of sexual violence such as forced prostitution, sexual slavery, forced marriages, especially hanging divorces. Furthermore, sexual violence can occur due to forced pregnancy, forced abortion, forced contraception. One type of forced contraception that can be done is not wanting to use a condom while having sex. Then other violence that can occur such as sexual torture, inhuman punishment related to sexual nuances. There are also traditional practices that have dangerous sexual overtones. Examples include female circumcision and sexual control. Sexual control can occur because of rules related to morality and religion.

Types of Violence Against Men and Children
Then there is also violence that can happen to children and men, such as sexual violence against children. In addition, the existence of forced sexual intercourse, especially to a partner, namely a wife or husband or boyfriend. Other sexual violence can include touching or having sexual contact without any consent. While other violence is in the form of spreading photos, videos, nude pictures that show them to others without any purpose at all. If you’ve ever seen someone masturbating in public, that’s one of the violence that happened. Then peeking or watching a partner who is having sex is one of the violence that often occurs.

How to deal with it
Basically there are many ways you can do to avoid sexual violence in the surrounding environment. First, while in public space, of course you are required to always be vigilant in the various actions or conditions that you do. Because when you are in a public space, of course you will not know what will happen later. Second, don’t forget to bring self-defense equipment. For example, if you are brave, you can bring pepper spray to protect yourself. Pepper spray is one of the most powerful tools to prevent people from misbehaving with you. If you have done all that, don’t forget to put up a fight. Usually this can be done by hitting the perpetrator’s genitals. With some information about sexual violence above, it can certainly make you more confident in avoiding it. Especially for those of you who really want to avoid it, you can just try the above method. How? Hope this article can help you!


Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India

Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India – Thousands of people become victim of fake vaccines of corona virus in India. The vaccinations were conducted by doctors and medical staff in there. Because of their actions, they were captured by police. The fake vaccines given to the thousands of people were actually salt water. As what is reported by CNN, there were at least 12 drives of fake vaccinations, and these were conducted in area of Mumbai. Vishal Thakur, senior officer of police station in India said that they use the salty water in every camp where they conduct the fake vaccination.

Projectconsent – It is estimated that around 2500 people have got the fake vaccines. The committee also demanded the applicants of vaccinations to pay. Because of that, they could get around $28,000. This is not small number. The doctors were captured and then government could know how they get all tools for vaccine injection. Even they also gave fake certificate. All could happen since the doctors had connection to the hospitals that provided fake reports and fake certificate. In total, there were 14 people captured by police. They were sentenced for cheating, trial of murder, crime conspiracy, and other sentences. Thakur also said that he and his team still conducted further investigation to prevent in case there were new problems of fake vaccination.

Actually, on June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that vaccinations were centered. These will be provided by government. The government provided the vaccines for free to the states. This was the reason why India broke a record by giving up to 8000 injection of vaccine in single day. Then until now, it is estimated that there are around 4.5% or 62 millions of people who have got vaccines. These are based on the data from University Johns Hopkins.

Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India

Related to the fake vaccine, it was predicted that the vaccinations were done starting from the end of May to the early June. It is based on the report made by CNN-News18, the one having affiliation with CNN. Government and authorized parties started to be aware of the issue of fake vaccines when there were some victims who made report to the police because they doubted the vaccination certificate that they have. From this report, government and police moved and investigated the problems. In this case, one of the vaccination camps was found in the area of public residence. There were some people who tried the vaccine but they did not feel anything. Meanwhile, they still had to pay for the vaccines. Based on the fact, they started to doubt the camp.

Related to the case, Siddarth Chandrashekhar, a lawyer in Mumbay, sent the report and asked the court to respond the case as soon as possible. Because of this, then the court of Bombay demanded all state government to take immediate action before the cases got worse. Moreover, issues of vaccinations were quite sensitive, meanwhile some people may not be able to identify whether it is fake or not. Thus, it is important for all authorities to make preventive action since there is high possibility of repeated cases in states of India.



England Free from Social Distancing and Masks

England Free from Social Distancing and Masks – For all people in England, it seems that they are going to become happy soon. This is because government, through the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, stated that there will not be any lockdown or other kinds of limitations as a way to prevent the spread and infection of COVID-19. He also stated that this will become final step that will be done by Government in order to loosen the strict rules related to the COVID-19. If this really happens, then it is nice since people can be more flexible and safer without using the masks, social distancing, and even lockdown and WFH or Work from Home.

It is estimated that the new policy will be given and announced on 19th July. In July 12th, it is expected that it will be the date to release the new policy, while the second date is to implement the new rules or policies released by government. In order to support the new policy, some elements in society will get early information about it and how they should response toward the changes. Related to the whole plan of policy, Prime Minister Johnson created a comprehensive plan.

Projectconsent – First, it is about masks. The rules regarding the masks will be eradicated. In this case, government also gives notes in which masks should still be used under some occasions. Moreover, having the masks or not will become personal preferences. Related to the transportation services, it is fine if they still choose to require the passengers to wear the masks. Next is about social distancing. In the previous policy or rules, there was specific numbers of people that will be permitted to have social interaction. Now, there is no limit regarding how many people who can meet. The inexistence of social distancing are applied in many occasions, starting from wedding, funeral, and kinds of meetings and events.

England Free from Social Distancing and Masks

Next, it is about transportation service. As what is mentioned above, it is fine if public transportation decided to demand the passengers to keep wearing masks. However, government also demands and encourages the service providers of transportation services to have their staff got vaccinated, especially when these are transportations that bring passengers to the border or even pass the border. Next is about the WFH. Government will remove the rules stating about the staff and businessmen that should maintain good health and happiness in the office so there will not be COVID-19. However, it still depends on the specific boss or leader of the business.

Although the government has said that there will be changes in term of rules, it is still important to have vaccinated. Vaccine becomes the main weapons to improve immunity. Currently, government started to focus on giving vaccines toward people under 40 years old. The duration is also made shorter. Previously, they need to wait for 12 weeks, but now it only requires them to wait for 8 weeks. In addition to the vaccination, government also encourages the people to perform test of COVID-19 whenever they have time or there are symptoms about it. The good news is that the test will be free until September.


The Biggest Challenge in the Information Technology Age For Everyone

The Biggest Challenge in the Information Technology Age For Everyone – Sooner or later everyone will be ready to face new challenges in running life. In the era of Information Technology (IT), there will be many big challenges that await, which are often expressed by various world-renowned technology experts. One of them Kevin Zhang, he sparked that the online system will plunder the world.

In fact, every country has never been separated from the shadow of IT. Let’s say HP media, these gadgets are the most valuable items than other basic needs. He even mentioned that many people are willing to not eat instead of leaving their cellphones.

Projectconsent – Obviously this is not a ridiculous assumption, but a fact that has been happening until now. The IT era will soon be published in various fields. And here we have presented some of the biggest challenges in the emergence of Information Technology, including;

  • Adaptation With Various Innovations

Everyone is required to be able to adapt to various innovations. Because so far there have been many sparks – the most pleasant sparks that don’t make sense to the mind. All kinds of new things are deliberately present to make the competition more intense and aggressive. So that all human beings must have the ability so as not to miss the latest news. In this way, all the innovations that will be present can still be adapted to personal needs.

  • The Emergence of Digital Jobs

The second challenge is none other than the emergence of digital jobs. No need to wait for the future, this year alone, many people prefer to be closer to HP and PC. Because they don’t have to waste time to work normally from morning to night. Enough at home or anywhere, then the attention of the work can still run neatly.

  • Soft Skill Mastery Demand

On the one hand, the guidance for mastering soft skills really needs to be emphasized. Almost the same as the changes and developments of innovation, but this time it looks very different. In general, each individual must be able to explore the abilities that they do not yet have. But don’t worry, trusted information media is here to provide sharpness in implementing this. So that those who are still laymen can plunge into a world full of drama.

The Biggest Challenge in the Information Technology Age For Everyone

  • Compete With Robots

Competition with robots may not have been real until this year. Because only a few countries are still creating new breakthroughs in various ways. So far, the progress of making robots has approached 100%. Like Japan, they are able to create robots that serve as waiters, heavy equipment and others. It is not impossible that later many people will have to work in tandem with robots for mutual progress.

  • Ease of Transportation

And the challenge is quite heavy, namely the ease of accessing transportation. Several years ago, there were a number of countries that succeeded in creating safe and comfortable means of transportation. It could be that the use of motorized vehicles is no longer common. This has been predictable since the advent of electric vehicles. So that the air condition is still maintained clean and free from pollution.

Apart from Kevin Zhang, online slot bettors believe that Information Technology is preparing to provide all kinds of new challenges for the future. So everyone really has to prepare themselves in welcoming the arrival of the event in order to be able to keep up with the times.


What Do You Know About Franchise Business Casino Games Fans?

What Do You Know About Franchise Business Casino Games Fans? – Nowadays, during the pandemic COVID-19, many people lost their jobs but they do not loose a chance of playing CASINO GAMES. As a result, some people live in poverty. However, to get an income after losing a job, some people try to do business. Why? By running their own business, they can get a job without applying for a job in a company. To start their business, many people choose the franchise business. So, what is a franchise business?

Projectconsent – Generally, a franchise business is an agreement of two people or more for running a company. One person will create a trademark or brand. Meanwhile, the other people can use that trademark for running his company. The profit of the franchise will be divided into two people based on the agreement. However, before deciding to run the franchise business, you may need to know some terms of the franchise business.

The first thing that should be known is the franchisor. He is the one who provides the trademark and pays for the royalty. So, he will give the rights to the other people to use his trademark for his business. Meanwhile, the franchisee is the one who receives the rights for running the business with the trademark of franchisors. In some cases, franchisees also have a right to use the capital for the sake of the company. On the other hand, the franchisee should pay the franchise fee at the beginning of the franchise company. The fee is paid for the rights of the trademark. The franchise fee is used for a specific period which depends on the agreement.

What Do You Know About Franchise Business Casino Games Fans

If you are interested in running a franchise business, you may need to know how to start a franchise company. So, you will get optimum profit from your business. The first that should be done is choosing the type of franchise business. You know that there are many kinds of franchise businesses. You can choose the franchise for fast food, drink, delivery service, and others. Therefore, you have to know the trend of the market. You can choose a franchise business that offers big profits for such a long time. Another thing that should be done is to know more about the rule of the franchise business. Each franchisor has its regulation. You have to know the division of profit, the period of the agreement, and other things. So, there will be no problem in running the franchise business. Some franchisors also will conduct the training program for the franchisee. Why? The main purpose of the training program is to standardize franchise business. It means all franchise businesses will have the same quality standard. It’s one of the most important things in the franchise business.

Running a franchise business will give you a lot of benefits. You can get a well-known trademark or brand. So, you don’t need to develop your trademark. Moreover, the franchisor will give you the best location for running the franchise business. It will help you to develop your franchise business in the early time. However, you don’t have the right to make any innovation in your business since all things are standardized by the franchisor.