How to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Violence in Children

Sexual harassment and violence can occur because the victim is not informed about this criminal act. Apart from women, children are the most vulnerable to cases of sexual harassment and violence. Because children are still weak the perpetrators will not experience resistance when carrying out acts of abuse. Sexual harassment and violence against children is common in Indonesia and a few days ago there were cases of children who were victims of sexual abuse from their closest people. The high number of cases of child abuse is proof that it is time for parents to be more aware to prevent cases of sexual abuse in children.

How to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Violence in Children
Parents and families have a role to play in preventing various forms of sexual abuse and violence against children. Here are some ways to prevent sexual abuse and violence against children:
1. Teach children about body parts. Most parents in Indonesia are still taboo to teach their children the organs they have, especially the intimate organs. Sex education in children will be very useful to help children learn what parts of their bodies cannot be grasped. Children will also be embarrassed to show their intimate organs or body parts that should not be touched
2. Be wary of strangers. Always teach children to be careful with strangers. Give an explanation that don’t trust easily and want to go with new people, including teaching children to refuse food or drinks given by strangers.
3. Teach children what to do when they are abused. Teach your child to be defensive by running, screaming and asking for help when someone you don’t know is acting strangely. Ask your child to approach a known adult or in a crowded place to ask for help when a sexual predator is after them.
4. Always monitor all activities that children do. When playing also try to have an adult who is responsible for supervising the children. Having adults around children will prevent sexual abusers from coming to children.
5. Establish cooperation with the school. When you are unable to provide full supervision at school, make sure you are working with the teacher. Leave a message for the teacher to accompany the child when you are unable to pick up. Do not allow children to wait alone without teacher supervision.
6. Get to know the environment and children’s playmates. Because child sexual predators are everywhere, it is better for you to know the environment and your child’s playmates and make sure it is safe for your child.
7. Recognize sexual signs. Because children are not old enough to know about what is called sexual abuse and violence, it is parents who should know the signs of a child being sexually abused. By knowing early, parents can take quick action and prevent children from experiencing deeper trauma.
Parents, teachers and adults around children have a very active role in preventing cases of violence and abuse against children. The 7 things above are some of the ways that parents can do to prevent their children from becoming victims of sexual predators that are everywhere today.


6 Effective Ways to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Violence

If you look at social media, there are many cases of sexual harassment that have occurred recently. Sexual harassment is the type of crime that most often befalls women and can even lead to prolonged trauma. Types of sexual harassment also vary, not just rape. In society, there are many women who experience verbal sexual violence which sadly happens because people are never aware of the types of verbal violence such as cat calls. Women are the ones who are often the victims and who are often blamed if there are cases of sexual violence that occur under the pretext of wearing impolite clothes.
As a woman, starting from yourself to prevent cases of sexual violence is the most important thing to do. We must start from ourselves to others so that we can prevent being victims of sexual harassment cases. Here are some ways to prevent sexual harassment from yourself:

6 Cara Efektif Pencegahan Pelechan Dan Kekerasan Seksual

1. Watching is something that needs to be done. to be able to protect ourselves from sexual harassment that can occur at any time, pay close attention to your environment. Not to think badly but to be wary of people acting suspiciously. To be safer, bring a weapon such as pepper spray to anticipate unexpected “attacks”.
2. Never be afraid to speak up and be firm with the perpetrator. Sexual harassment often occurs because the perpetrator considers the victim weak and unable to fight back. Show a firm attitude if you find any suspicious behavior. When you dare to refuse and ask for help loudly, the perpetrator will not take further action.
3. Always be careful with new people we meet. Instead of being bad or disrespectful, you should always be careful and wary of new people, especially those who are too familiar. Avoid accepting food or drink from strangers and don’t share too much personal information with people you just met.
4. Equip yourself with self-defense skills. You don’t have to be good at self-defense because all you need is to be able to treat yourself and nowadays, there are many special places for self-defense for women to take care of themselves.
5. Always be alert in public places and never go alone, especially at night. Women do not have a place that is completely safe from the risk of sexual harassment and violence and that’s why you have to be vigilant everywhere, especially when in public places. Do not go out at night alone, there are always some friends especially male friends because there are many cases of sexual violence that occurs at night when women travel alone.
6. Learn what constitutes sexual harassment. You need to know a lot about sexual harassment and violence so that you can understand the behavior of the perpetrator and be more alert. Sexual violence and harassment is not only in the form of rape. there are more than 10 types of acts of sexual harassment and violence that women should know.
Prevention can be done from yourself because at any time sexual harassment and violence can occur. You only need the 5 ways above or at least have self-defense skills to prevent disrespectful treatment. Being aware of where you are is the main key to avoiding cases of sexual harassment. Bring a variety of equipment such as pepper spray or chili as a weapon of protection can be done.


Impact and Prevention of Sexual Violence for the Household

Not only happens to women and men, but sexual violence can occur in the household. Domestic violence or domestic violence can be caused by various things.
Call it like violence that starts from a person’s social and economic status. Usually from various cases, many say that low social status can be one of the causes of sexual violence. How? Look in this article:

Impact of Physical and Mental Violence
Physical and mental violence can be one of the causes of domestic violence, especially married couples. There are several examples of violence that can occur such as cuts, bruises, headaches to broken bones. Even violence can occur because of a high-risk pregnancy. Examples such as high blood pressure or edema. Or some other violence such as vaginal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, failed infection or urinary tract infection. There are so many women who experience cases of domestic violence, of course this will cause physical problems. In addition, there are other disorders such as barriers to social relations with other people and there are psychological disorders to ordinary women. One of the characteristics that you can find is that people affected by domestic violence will tend to feel anxious to depression. Usually the trigger for violence and acts of sexual harassment usually occurs because the perpetrator has a habit of getting drunk, often gambling slot online and financial problems. Not only that, the victim will feel unappreciated, worthless, hopeless, unmotivated to distrust others. Even if left alone, the victim’s condition would be much worse. There could be several allegations such as suicide, consuming alcohol and some of these prohibited objects.

Sexual Violence

Impact of Reproductive Health and Pregnancy
Not only physical and mental health, but also reproductive health and pregnancy. There are many things that cause domestic violence to occur such as miscarriage, infant death or complications during pregnancy. Violence can occur when a woman is experiencing pregnancy, for example when she gains weight. So that’s when violence became more frequent at that time, even though there was still a decline in domestic violence. Not only that, women who have babies with low weight also often occur. Because this can be one of the causes of a woman getting acts of domestic violence.

Prevention Needs to Do
In addition to some of the impacts that will be felt by the victim, of course, preventive treatment must be carried out quickly. First, you can start by practicing religious teachings. Of course all religions are basically good. What you need to do is practice the religion you have because religion is one of the best foundations today. Second, it can be done by communicating. One way that can be done to the victim is to communicate as well as possible with the family. Because by having good communication with the family, the victim does not need to feel hesitant in telling the problem. Instead, the victim will feel that family is the most appropriate place to express his feelings. Now violence does happen often but if it is handled properly. That would be easier to avoid. Especially for those of you who want to know how to handle it, just read this article. How? Interested in trying it out?


Types of Sexual Violence and Complete Prevention Methods

Nowadays, sexual violence is becoming more and more common. It’s not just a matter of rape, but also sexual violence. For example, spreading nude photos to various social media.
In fact, every year, there are only a few women, children and men who experience sexual violence. This sexual violence can also have a bad impact on their physical and mental health. To prevent this, there are several ways you can do below:

Types of Female Sexual Violence
Sexual violence is certainly much different when compared to sexual harassment and cannot be equated with one another. Basically, sexual violence is a broader term than sexual harassment. At least sexual violence has now been grouped into 15 types of behavior that can occur. Call it such as rape, sexual intimidation, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, trafficking of women for sexual purposes. Then there are other types of sexual violence such as forced prostitution, sexual slavery, forced marriages, especially hanging divorces. Furthermore, sexual violence can occur due to forced pregnancy, forced abortion, forced contraception. One type of forced contraception that can be done is not wanting to use a condom while having sex. Then other violence that can occur such as sexual torture, inhuman punishment related to sexual nuances. There are also traditional practices that have dangerous sexual overtones. Examples include female circumcision and sexual control. Sexual control can occur because of rules related to morality and religion.

Types of Violence Against Men and Children
Then there is also violence that can happen to children and men, such as sexual violence against children. In addition, the existence of forced sexual intercourse, especially to a partner, namely a wife or husband or boyfriend. Other sexual violence can include touching or having sexual contact without any consent. While other violence is in the form of spreading photos, videos, nude pictures that show them to others without any purpose at all. If you’ve ever seen someone masturbating in public, that’s one of the violence that happened. Then peeking or watching a partner who is having sex is one of the violence that often occurs.

How to deal with it
Basically there are many ways you can do to avoid sexual violence in the surrounding environment. First, while in public space, of course you are required to always be vigilant in the various actions or conditions that you do. Because when you are in a public space, of course you will not know what will happen later. Second, don’t forget to bring self-defense equipment. For example, if you are brave, you can bring pepper spray to protect yourself. Pepper spray is one of the most powerful tools to prevent people from misbehaving with you. If you have done all that, don’t forget to put up a fight. Usually this can be done by hitting the perpetrator’s genitals. With some information about sexual violence above, it can certainly make you more confident in avoiding it. Especially for those of you who really want to avoid it, you can just try the above method. How? Hope this article can help you!


Tricks to Avoid Sexual Violence And Harassment For All People

Cases of violence to sexual harassment are now common for children and women. It’s no wonder this has also gained rapid development in recent years. Especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, it requires everyone to carry out various types of violence to sexual harassment at this time. In Indonesia itself, there are many kinds of violence experienced, ranging from physical to psychological violence. One way to prevent violence or sexual harassment from happening again is to start by doing the following tricks:

Find out
The first step you need to do is to know the type of violence that exists today. If you already know then you can explore how the risk you will accept. Because if you already know, then you will be easy to do what is needed.

Prioritizing Safety
Safety is the main thing you have to do in carrying out various protections. This is especially the case for protection from all forms of violence both at home and elsewhere. Of course, parents must have an important role in protecting their children from violence.

Tricks to Avoid Sexual Violence And Harassment For All People

Stay Alert
Being vigilant is important if you don’t want your child to be involved in sexual violence or abuse. Especially good environmental conditions, people around and yourself. If there was a danger of violence, of course you should know how to react you need to do.

Frequently Read Information
You need to read information about violence and sexual harassment. Both you and those closest to you must be able to give the best position to children who experience violence. So that children also have the same rights to be fulfilled.

If you start to see some signs of violence against children, you can immediately report it to someone you trust. Because if you have reported it to the authorities then you don’t have to worry about sexual harassment or violence. Violence basically does not only happen to children, but violence also often occurs to women. Because there is a lot of violence that can occur, such as physical and psychological violence. Of course, the average violence will be carried out by the closest people, such as girlfriends, parents, other family members. It can even come from relatives or friends and can eventually lead to deep trauma.

For trauma, it is different, some can heal in a short time and some can heal in a long time. One way you can do this is by not giving promises to victims who have been sexually assaulted.
Moreover, you are also not allowed to make repeated questions. Then victims who are affected by violence also need psychological support, there are many ways that can be done.
For example, you offer assistance to victims of violence and provide maximum support. Try if the victim does not want to tell the story, there is no need to be forced because if forced, the victim can be traumatized. Another example can be providing psychological support, especially for victims who want to take this to legal action. Of course, the information held by the victim must be kept super tight. This is to avoid stories that are already known to others. How? Don’t you know how to do it now?


Signs of a Potentially Cheating Man

Many proverbs say that playing online gambling can still be forgiven by all couples. But this does not apply if you have been playing with fire like an affair. As is known, cases of infidelity that occur always start from among men. It’s not that they take advantage of their nature as men, but because of circumstances that allow them to do this.
In fact, the real money betting stage is very interesting for everyone. But it still does not promise men to seek deeper pleasure. For women, this case is not the main hope in running a new life. Because they want the ark of the household to run perfectly.
But since time immemorial, men have been more vicious in exploiting gaps and empty spaces. And for that purpose, we deliberately present signs of men who have the potential to cheat and are even willing to file for divorce from their legal wives.

Have A Lot Of Money
One of the most common signs of infidelity is that men already have a lot of financial conditions. Anyone would know that money is the biggest trial in life. Especially if the man starts to move up and automatically they will immediately get an increase in basic salary and benefits. Well, this condition will trigger them to have an affair. Because all kinds of temptations out there are far more cruel than previously imagined.

Likes to Lie
The next sign of a cheating man is starting to like to lie. Usually when they get home from work, they start to take actions that are not the same as before. Moreover, they tend to cover up the events that have been done since some time ago. Ironically, men do not have the sensitivity that women have. It was clear that the actions they carried out were easy to smell. Even if they are experts in cheating, the case cannot be eliminated.

Too selfish
The third characteristic is too selfish. Women are very well acquainted with the character of their true partner. Especially if they have lived together for more than 5 years. Of course, both of them know the good and the bad between the couple. And when men start to show their selfishness in anything, it’s obvious that they have an illicit partner outside the home. Because selfishness will not arise without the encouragement of a third person.

Go For No Reason
The character this time is often gone for no reason. In general, every couple always knows where to go either individually or in groups. The goal is that they support each other when carrying out important activities. However, if men start to look strange and like to leave the house without a specific purpose, it is clearly an access road to open an affair. There are many real examples, to the point that the two are no longer together.

Full of Doubt
And the signs that are most often encountered are none other than full of doubt. The purpose of marriage is to establish a prosperous life with a partner. However, because they were not based on mutual love from the start, the doubts about going into the household began to appear. Cases like this usually occur among young people or by force. So the affair began to be planned in their minds. Broadly speaking, the world of infidelity has existed since time immemorial. But some of the signs above are real examples where men are more likely to do things that are unexpected.


Pros and Cons of Using Zoom Meeting

The COVID-19 pandemic is the worst moment for everyone. Because all activities that are carried out normally no longer synergize. And that means the potential for causing crowds is starting to decrease. In fact, many communities, companies and schools have experienced temporary closures. But they still get information about future plans by using the Zoom Meeting application.

Zoom Meeting is a service for holding online conference meetings. So several people can be directly connected at the same time to express opinions, aspirations, lessons and others. Even so, the use of the application has its pros and cons. Where we have summarized this thoroughly in the discussion below.

Advantages of Using Zoom Meeting

Advantages of Using Zoom Meeting
Not a few companies, schools, offices and other organizations often use the Zoom Meeting application. Because like it or not, they are obliged to do so in order to maintain a cooperative relationship in the future. And here are the advantages of using the application.

1. Align Specified Topic
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all office workers or future designers use the Zoom Meeting application. What are the benefits? That’s because they can and are able to align the topics that have been determined. An example of an online meeting is attended by a maximum of 50 people, so they will know what the agenda is from start to finish. So they don’t miss the latest information.

2. More Cost-Effective
Another advantage is that it is more cost effective. If previously they had to leave the house, of course there would be a lot of money that came out starting from transportation costs, lunch and other necessities. Because of what? Users of these applications only need to stay at home or in any place as long as they are connected to a stable and fast internet network. So that their expenses will continue to decrease during conference activities.

Disadvantages of Using Zoom Meeting
If you look at the advantages that exist in Zoom Meeting, then here we will also describe the shortcomings of the application. And let’s go straight to the following discussion.

1. Not Getting The Most Important Points
Even though all online meeting participants exceed the specified quota. But some of them barely got the most important points. This is especially true for elementary school (SD) students. The abilities they have still do not fully describe the topics discussed quickly and practically. So that the period of their reasoning is getting disturbed. And the downside, this can have a bad impact on the future of learning.

2. Lowering Work Efficiency
And the downside this time is that it reduces work efficiency. How come? Because not all work can be done online. One example of factory workers or other hard workers who take shelter in companies affected by COVID-19. They can only capture work plans when running online meetings. However, they cannot carry out their work activities properly. This is certainly very detrimental to the company. Because the income and production levels will always experience a drastic decline.

In essence, the Zoom Meeting application is a new breakthrough in social activities. However, the application is not enough to help everyone to get a better future. It is different with online gambling games. Even though it is done online, they can still earn unlimited profits.


Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India

Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India – Thousands of people become victim of fake vaccines of corona virus in India. The vaccinations were conducted by doctors and medical staff in there. Because of their actions, they were captured by police. The fake vaccines given to the thousands of people were actually salt water. As what is reported by CNN, there were at least 12 drives of fake vaccinations, and these were conducted in area of Mumbai. Vishal Thakur, senior officer of police station in India said that they use the salty water in every camp where they conduct the fake vaccination.

Projectconsent – It is estimated that around 2500 people have got the fake vaccines. The committee also demanded the applicants of vaccinations to pay. Because of that, they could get around $28,000. This is not small number. The doctors were captured and then government could know how they get all tools for vaccine injection. Even they also gave fake certificate. All could happen since the doctors had connection to the hospitals that provided fake reports and fake certificate. In total, there were 14 people captured by police. They were sentenced for cheating, trial of murder, crime conspiracy, and other sentences. Thakur also said that he and his team still conducted further investigation to prevent in case there were new problems of fake vaccination.

Actually, on June, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that vaccinations were centered. These will be provided by government. The government provided the vaccines for free to the states. This was the reason why India broke a record by giving up to 8000 injection of vaccine in single day. Then until now, it is estimated that there are around 4.5% or 62 millions of people who have got vaccines. These are based on the data from University Johns Hopkins.

Thousands of People Became Victim of Fake Vaccine in India

Related to the fake vaccine, it was predicted that the vaccinations were done starting from the end of May to the early June. It is based on the report made by CNN-News18, the one having affiliation with CNN. Government and authorized parties started to be aware of the issue of fake vaccines when there were some victims who made report to the police because they doubted the vaccination certificate that they have. From this report, government and police moved and investigated the problems. In this case, one of the vaccination camps was found in the area of public residence. There were some people who tried the vaccine but they did not feel anything. Meanwhile, they still had to pay for the vaccines. Based on the fact, they started to doubt the camp.

Related to the case, Siddarth Chandrashekhar, a lawyer in Mumbay, sent the report and asked the court to respond the case as soon as possible. Because of this, then the court of Bombay demanded all state government to take immediate action before the cases got worse. Moreover, issues of vaccinations were quite sensitive, meanwhile some people may not be able to identify whether it is fake or not. Thus, it is important for all authorities to make preventive action since there is high possibility of repeated cases in states of India.



England Free from Social Distancing and Masks

England Free from Social Distancing and Masks – For all people in England, it seems that they are going to become happy soon. This is because government, through the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, stated that there will not be any lockdown or other kinds of limitations as a way to prevent the spread and infection of COVID-19. He also stated that this will become final step that will be done by Government in order to loosen the strict rules related to the COVID-19. If this really happens, then it is nice since people can be more flexible and safer without using the masks, social distancing, and even lockdown and WFH or Work from Home.

It is estimated that the new policy will be given and announced on 19th July. In July 12th, it is expected that it will be the date to release the new policy, while the second date is to implement the new rules or policies released by government. In order to support the new policy, some elements in society will get early information about it and how they should response toward the changes. Related to the whole plan of policy, Prime Minister Johnson created a comprehensive plan.

Projectconsent – First, it is about masks. The rules regarding the masks will be eradicated. In this case, government also gives notes in which masks should still be used under some occasions. Moreover, having the masks or not will become personal preferences. Related to the transportation services, it is fine if they still choose to require the passengers to wear the masks. Next is about social distancing. In the previous policy or rules, there was specific numbers of people that will be permitted to have social interaction. Now, there is no limit regarding how many people who can meet. The inexistence of social distancing are applied in many occasions, starting from wedding, funeral, and kinds of meetings and events.

England Free from Social Distancing and Masks

Next, it is about transportation service. As what is mentioned above, it is fine if public transportation decided to demand the passengers to keep wearing masks. However, government also demands and encourages the service providers of transportation services to have their staff got vaccinated, especially when these are transportations that bring passengers to the border or even pass the border. Next is about the WFH. Government will remove the rules stating about the staff and businessmen that should maintain good health and happiness in the office so there will not be COVID-19. However, it still depends on the specific boss or leader of the business.

Although the government has said that there will be changes in term of rules, it is still important to have vaccinated. Vaccine becomes the main weapons to improve immunity. Currently, government started to focus on giving vaccines toward people under 40 years old. The duration is also made shorter. Previously, they need to wait for 12 weeks, but now it only requires them to wait for 8 weeks. In addition to the vaccination, government also encourages the people to perform test of COVID-19 whenever they have time or there are symptoms about it. The good news is that the test will be free until September.


Anti Mainstream, Honda Will Launch GB350S Series Scrambler Style

Japan is a country that is never absent in presenting the best automotive world. There was news that they would again launch the Honda GB350S scrambler style. Indeed, the motor is the latest series of Honda SC350 RS. However, this one motorbike has appeared for the first time in India since last February.
This news seems – will arouse the taste buds of Motor Gede (Moge). Because they don’t want to lose the opportunity to tour without the best and toughest iron horse. Not only that, the soccer gambling players also seemed willing to queue to be able to buy it.

New style
Honda GB350S is the best series that will be present in several countries after Japan. The scrambler-style motorcycle looks dashing on the body display. It can give a positive impression on the riders. Honda did not want to miss the uniqueness of its competitors.
The latest model this time is more towards the word “Sport”. Where before, Honda still tied strongly with a fairly modern design. But this time, the sporty and trendy look will be further developed in order to provide extra comfort when arriving on the streets.


The latest design of the Honda GB350S still does not leave the standard version. However, there are some striking changes in the seat and handlebar area. The motor will present a much more ergonomic sitting position. So the driver will look lighter when you step on the gas.
Seen on the handlebar, Honda deliberately gives a sporty style. In addition, the rear fenders and seats have also undergone changes to become very minimalist. Where previously, the stop lamp is generally integrated into the fender. But now it is also integrated with the rear end of the seat.

Engine Performance
The performance of the Honda GB350S engine will be displayed by bringing a single cylinder. Inside there is a very strong torque and air cooling engine. Later the motorbike will use a 349 cc engine capacity that is capable of producing 19.7 hp for 5,500 RPM.
Meanwhile, performance at maximum torque will reach 29 Nm per 3,000 rpm. The power for this motorbike will still use a 5-Speed ​​manual gearbox. On the one hand, the iron horse will also come with a 4 stroke, NC59E SOHC 2.

Main Specifications
The front suspension on this motorbike will come with a large diameter feel and is equipped with a protective cover. While the rear suspension still uses nitrogen gas. The rear fender will also look longer than the previous version. The weight of the motor is certainly very light because it does not use metal materials.
In the position of fuel, Honda GB350S can accommodate 15 liters. This bike has a length of 2175 mm, a width of 800 mm and a height of 1100 mm. also equipped with PGM-FI Fuel System, Compression Ratio 9.5:1 and Bore x Stroke 70.0 x 90,519 mm. on the Wheel Base, Honda will present 1440 mm. At Ground Clearance 168 mm and Kerb weight 179 kilograms. While for Seat Height 800 mm and Seat Length 640 mm.

Market price
Honda GB350S is arguably environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. Later the scrambler-style motorcycle will spend 47 km per liter. And the market price has been determined at IDR 77 million in gray and black colors. Reportedly the motor will premiere in Japan on July 15 next.